1-4. Arrival in Okinawa

1-4-1. Reservation for temporary accommodation and taxi

Relocation Team will reserve a temporary accommodation for after your arrival in Okinawa. You can use this accommodation for up to two weeks while doing things like searching for permanent housing, residence registration, and so on. The lodging fee will be deducted from your Arrival Allowance.

To Learn more, please refer to the 2-3. Arrival Allowance

Cost of temporary accommodation:

On-campus accommodation

First night: 10,000 yen
Following nights: 3,000 per night
First night: 12,000 yen
Following nights: 4,500 per night
First night: 17,000 yen
Following nights: 6,500 per night

To learn more information about temporary accommodation, please contact us.

How to get and return your key for on-campus accommodation

The taxi driver will drop you off at the main reception hall to get the room key(s) from the “KEY BOX” - located at the right behind the receptionist’s desk. Please check the instruction from “How to open the Locker”.

Guard desk at entrance to Tunnel Gallery

We will notify you about the reservation confirmation and combination number to open the box.

How to open the Locker / ロッカーの開錠方法

1. Make sure the knob is set to CLOSE (left).

2. Enter the PIN for your room.

3. Turn the knob to the right (OPEN) to unlock.

How to close the Locker / ロッカーの施錠方法

1. Close the door and turn the knob to the left (CLOSE).

2. Move number dials randomly to lock the door.

When you check-out the accommodation, you need to return the key to the KEY BOX.

The check-out timing is 10 am on the date.

And also, we will reserve a taxi from Naha airport to the temporary accommodation.

Taxi cost will be paid by OIST.

1-4-2. Rental car information

The relocation team will provide information for a rental car according to your wish. Please make sure that you have a proper IDP or driver's license and contact to a staff of Relocation Team if you would like to have it after arrival in Okinawa.

To learn more about IDP and driver's license, please visit 1-2-4. International Driving Permit (IDP)

1-4-3. WiFi information

You can get public WiFi at the OIST main reception hall, the WiFi name is “OIST-Public”.