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You apply for a Special Re-Entry Permit at the airport immigration when you depart from Japan. Please note the Special Re-Entry Permit is valid for just one year from the departure date, and you must come back to Japan within one year.

If you leave Japan for more than one year, you need to apply for a Re-Entry Permit at your local immigration office, not at the airport.

If your Residence Card expires before the expiry date of your Re-entry permit, you must come back before the expiration to renew it.

Please view the following information to learn more: How to Obtain the Special Re-entry permit by filing out the disemberkation card


Online service for Immigration, Customs and Tax-free shopping service.
Prior registration before entry into Japan is highly recommended for all international travellers, whether first-time or re-entry.



Border Measure (April 28, 2023 Updates), valid vaccination certificate or pre-departure test is not required. To learn more: COVID-19: Current Japanese Border Measures

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