2-1. Overall flow after your arrival in Okinawa

2-1. Overall flow after your arrival in Okinawa

2-1-1. Onna Village Office

Once you arrive in Okinawa and OIST, you will need to register your residency at Onna village hall to obtain a necessary certificate called Residence Certificate (住民票).  

2-1-2. Okinawa Bank

After obtaining the certificate, you can open a bank account of Okinawa Bank. 

*If you already have a Japanese bank account, you can use it to receive your salary and allowances. 

2-1-3. Heart system registration

After obtaining above-mentioned documents, you will need to register your personal information to Heart system. 

2-1-4. Housing

The house hunting situation is quite competitive in Okinawa.  

If you prefer finding an on-campus apartment/house, please contact to OIST Building and Facility Management Section.

The relocation team will assist you to find a room at off-campus.  

Here is the basic flow for house hunting and close the agreement: 

  1. Make some appointments (maximum 2~3 appointments) with housing agencies for viewing.  
  2. Visit rooms to make decision.  
  3. Submit a reservation form to the housing agency to confirm your decision. 
  4. Purchase necessary household items. 
  5. Visit housing agency’s office to close the housing agreement before moving-in 
  6. Check-out temporary accommodation and Move-in.  

*If you have children and would like them to enter a local school, please get school information from the OIST University Community Services Division.