Public Lecture: Non-pharmacological Treatment for Children with ADHD : How can parents improve outcomes?


Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 10:00 to 11:30


OIST Auditorium


Professor Daley is an internationally recognized expert in the development and evaluation of psychosocial interventions for children with ADHD. He is currently involved in several research projects evaluating the effectiveness of parenting programs specifically developed for children with ADHD.

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Abstract: Beyond symptom control for ADHD: What can parents & grandparents do to improve outcomes?

Recent research has suggested that behavioural interventions for ADHD are less effective than previously thought, with no objective evidence to support their efficacy. This talk will explore this issue in more detail. The talk will consider areas where parents and grandparents of children with ADHD can change the way they interact with their child or grandchild to help themselves and also improve the child’s outcomes. The talk will then conclude by examining the current evidence base using new data to demonstrate that there is a lot parents and grandparents can do to help to improve outcomes for children with ADHD.

Dr. Daley will also give a lecture for teachers and health professionals on Friday, 12 July.


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