Important Announcement

  • We are suspending school visit program and general visits to OIST campus including the café and restaurant until further notice due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Please continue to check this website, as the information will be updated as the situation changes.
  • If you are interested in collaborating with us in research and other business, please Contact Us.

We appreciate your understanding.

Campus Tour Reservations

Community Relations Section, Communication and Public Relations Division

Telephone: (+81) 98-966-2184
Fax: (+81) 98-966-2887

Restrictions on Participation

  • No visitor under the age of 13 without adult supervision.
  • No visitors under the influence of alcohol or behaving in a manner that the institute considers inappropriate for the tour.

The tour in lab areas

In the OIST labs, research and experiments are actively taking place, including experiments which use dangerous chemicals and/or biological samples. Please do follow the guidance from the OIST staff during the tour, and please refrain from interfering with any research or experiments.
Taking photographs and filming is prohibited inside of the lab area unless the OIST staff allows you to do so.
If you do not follow this safety regulation, the OIST staff may decide to discontinue the tour.

Theft and Accidents

OIST accepts no responsibility for incidents of theft or injury that occur inside the facilities or in neighboring areas like parking. Visitors accept responsibility for their possessions and safety.

Damage to the Facilities

At the discretion of the institute, OIST may require reparation for damage to facilities, equipment, etc. caused by visitors.