Communication and Public Relations Division

The Communication and Public Relations Division promotes understanding, appreciation, and support for OIST by communicating timely, accurate, and complete information in effective and imaginative ways. The Division furthers the university's mission by garnering support from a broad audience that includes the general public of Okinawa and Japan, domestic and international scientific communities, government and funding agencies, industry and business development leaders, and students all over the world who are considering graduate careers in science and technology. The Division also fosters communication and cooperation within the graduate university through community-building tools and events in an effort to make the work and personal lives of OIST members richer and more rewarding.

CPR Division has the following strategic priorities in 2020/21:

  1. Make OIST achievements more visible and relevant to audiences in international science, industry, the Japanese public, and political stakeholders in Tokyo, Naha and Onna.
  2. Find opportunities to demonstrate tangible contributions by OIST to the economic, social and cultural well-being of Okinawa which are also significant to audiences outside of Okinawa for their scientific value, creativity, and originality.
  3. Promote OIST achievements in driving entrepreneurship and in translating basic science into breakthrough innovation.
  4. Promote the distinctiveness and difference of the OIST mission and location, the diversity of the community, and the degree to which OIST provides an exemplar and unique and positive challenge to research and graduate education in Japan.

The Communication and Public Relations Division has three sections:

  • The Community Relations Section manages tours, exhibitions, and community and educational programs, including Open Campus, the Children's School of Science, and school visits.
  • The Digital Content, Brand and Design Section undertakes web design, web development, user training, and content strategy and management.
  • The Media Relations Section handles press relations and assists the Vice-President in managing institutional reputation. 

In addition to these sections, the Vice President directly oversees a team tasked with translation, interpretation, copywriting/proofreading, and internal communication and staff engagement.

The current Vice President for Communication and Public Relations is Jonathan Ray, who joined OIST in September 2019. He has worked previously in communication leadership roles at Oxford University, KAUST and the University of Nottngham UK-China-Malaysia.

VP profile:

The Assistant to the Vice President is Ms. ITO Sanae.