Media Section

The Media Section is in charge of press relations, science writing, video, and photos. Media is also in charge of OIST's social media assets Facebook , TwitterYoutube , and Google+ . Media also produces OIST print publications.


Kaoru Natori

As the head of the Media Section, Kaoru Natori is in charge of OIST's Web stories, media relations, and publications, including OIST brochures, and she supervises the science and communication fellows. She joined OIST in 2007 after working for 5 years at the press office of the US embassy in Tokyo. She has a master's degree in journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism in the USA.

Contact: , 098-966-2389

Media Relations

Tomomi Okubo

Tomomi Okubo acts as the contact point between OIST members and media companies and journalists. She also contributes to web stories, social media contents, and events.

Contact: , 098-982-3447

Tomomi Okubo outside smiling

Web and Multimedia Assistant

Kaori Serakaki

Kaori Serakaki is the Web and Multimedia Assistant for the Media Section. She was born and raised in Onna Village, the home of OIST. After graduating from the University of the Ryukyus, she worked as a TV director in Tokyo. After being diagnosed with adult Asperger’s Syndrome, she switched to web design and intellectual property management. She is also interested in using design and video for science.


Science Writing Fellows

The Media Section invites science communicators to spend 6 months writing articles for internal and external news, taking photographs, making videos, and doing social media as members of the Communications Division members. If you are interested in a fellowship, please email for more information on how to apply.

Ipsita Herlekar

Ipsita Herlekar, trained as a wildlife biologist, she switched to a career in science writing, trading being chased by elephants in the jungles of India to hopping labs in search of interesting science stories.  The opportunity to learn new things from different fields of science is what she likes best about being a science writer.


Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott has strayed a little from his start in marine biology. Ever since he got his hands on a video camera, he’s been driven to document the natural world on film. The call of science never left though, and he’s been combining his twin passions for science and storytelling ever since gaining his masters in science communication. It’s a path that's taken him from waist-deep mud his native Scotland to shark cages in New Zealand, urban rainforests in Singapore and corals under curfew in Honduras. He has an abiding passion for comedy too, and and on ongoing interest in using it as a science communication tool. Whether in the lab, the TV studio, and now to the reporter’s beat at OIST, “Scotty” is ready to be amazed by the stories Okinawa has to offer. 


Andrew Scott

Nicoletta Lanese

Nicoletta Lanese once practiced science communication on a much different stage -- that is, an actual stage. Equipped with degrees in dance and neuroscience, she has translated the intricacies of memory formation into movement phrases, and embodied the experience of neurological disease through performance. She realized she could turn her passion for creative science communication into a career and indulge her long-held love for writing at the same time. Having recently earned a graduate certificate in science communication, Nicoletta is excited to work with the OIST Media Section. She looks forward to exploring the Okinawan landscape, interfacing with scientists from all over the world, and of course, finding innovative ways to deliver science to new audiences.


Nicoletta Lanese