Media Relations Section

Help us promote your research. Contact as soon as your paper has been accepted for publication or when you have a potential story for the website.

The Media Section manages press relations and science writing, and helps to coordinate video and photos as well as OIST's social media assets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. The section also produces OIST print publications and establish the OIST podcast channel in 2019.

Media Relations Manager

Tomomi Okubo

Having worked in communications and public relations in diverse sectors and countries, Tomomi Okubo has an extensive professional network. She plans and implements strategic media communications at OIST. Tomomi is the principal contact point between OIST members and the media, both domestic and international. During her time with OIST, the institution has received prominent domestic and international coverage. Tomomi also contributes by writing newspaper columns and web stories, posting social media, organizing events, and doing whatever else will bring OIST greater name recognition. Tomomi possesses an MBA and was educated in Japan and France.

Contact: , 098-982-3447

Tomomi Okubo outside smiling

Web and Multimedia Assistant

Kaori Serakaki

Kaori Serakaki is the Web and Multimedia Assistant for the Media Section. She was born and raised in Onna Village, the home of OIST. After graduating from the University of the Ryukyus, she worked as a TV director in Tokyo. After being diagnosed in adulthood with Asperger’s Syndrome, she switched to web design and intellectual property management. She is also interested in using design and video for science.


Science Writers

The Media Section invites science communicators to spend 6 months writing articles for internal and external news, taking photographs, making videos, and doing social media as members of the Communications Division members. If you are interested in a fellowship, please email for more information on how to apply or see profiles of former OIST Science Communication Fellows.

Dani Ellenby

After studying Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford, Dani Ellenby initially moved into an education career, working at an education tech start up and also as a private tutor. She then decided to move into science journalism and multimedia, recently finishing an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College London. There, she contributed to the university magazine and radio shows and tried her hand at science writing and documentary filming and editing. During her time as a science communication fellow, Dani is excited to shine a light on the fascinating research and day-to-day life at OIST.


Photo of Dani Ellenby

Lucy Dickie

With an undergraduate degree in marine biology and a background in nature guiding, Lucy Dickie loves telling stories about science and conservation. She completed a master’s in science communication at University of Otago in New Zealand where she focused on creative nonfiction writing and undertook social science research on environmental policy. She has since worked in science communication and marketing at Victoria University of Wellington. As a self-proclaimed bird nerd, Lucy enjoys hiking, diving and wildlife watching, and is excited to explore Okinawa and uncover some of the many science stories at OIST.

Contact: Lucy.Dickie1@OIST.JP