ISCW: International Science Communication Workshop

Globalization is a challenge facing all universities and research institutions in Japan today. In order to spearhead the move towards globalization, each institution needs to not only leverage its research, but also to install measures that enhance its ability to promote those research activities.

In order for Japanese universities and research institutions to receive recognition of their individual research achievements by the international audience, it is important to have research papers appear in scientific journals and to appeal to the scientific community and the general public about those achievements through press release and other means of outreach. Specifically, issuing a press release in a timely manner so that journalists in Japan and overseas can write about the research is very important. This way, institutions can very effectively “spread the news” about individual research activities to reach the public.

In order to achieve this objective, some institutions in Japan have already installed a system by which they can disseminate latest research outcome to the rest of the world. They have hired experienced writers as communication officers or interns to turn what is often highly scientific topic into an easy-reading text targeting the general audience. However, instead of relying on the expertise and instinct of these communication officers, much more needs to be explored in a systematic way to generate international media coverage.

The International Science Communication Workshop invites science journalists as well as science writing educators from overseas to present how science news is generated and how science writing training is taught in the West. The workshop also aims to provide a venue for information sharing among participants so that good practices, from the viewpoint of budget to personnel to institutional structure, are studied in order to help globalize Japanese universities and institutions through effective communication. Lastly, the workshop also discusses the domestic situation with regard to information dissemination and outreach.

Past Workshops

ISCW2015 - Increasing the Visibility of Japanese Science in the International Media

ISCW Summer School 2015 - Beyond Borders: Reaching Out to the International Press