Talks, Courses, Outreach

Group of visitors

TSVP Talks

Every second Thursday at 3pm a "TSVP Talk" (general-audience lecture) will be given by one of the visitors, usually in seminar room L4E48 and via Zoom. Details about these can be found on the Events page. A Youtube playlist of all previous talks can be found here.

Research seminar

A more in-depth lecture regarding a visitor's research, usually held in an OIST group's seminar (TSVP can help organize and advertise to OIST community).

Lecture (series) for students/Career talks/mentoring/open-topic talks

Targeted at students or young researchers at OIST. This is highly encouraged to strengthen ties to the OIST community. Career Talks, Mini Courses and special topics lectures can be easily arranged and are organized together with OIST's Grad school.
Lecture courses for credits are also possible: they require at least 20h of teaching time per credit, working with an OIST faculty (approved to teach by the ministry of education), and an approval process. Please let us know well in advance if you are interested!

More information is available here (OIST-internal links):
This form contains a list of topics that have been requested by students: Mini Courses (Sign Up to Teach/ Learn), e.g. Systematic Literature Review, LaTeX, Data Analysis, Project Management
Teaching Requirement
Request to Host an Educational Event with Support from the Graduate School

Examples of lectures/courses by TSVP visitors:
Mini Course: Metric Embeddings - What, How and Why?, Big Geographical Data: a digital revolution for transportation studies, Control and Computation in Living Systems, Asymptotic Symmetries
Career Talks: "How to write a lot and well" by Shinichi Nakagawa, "Systematic Reviews for Beginners" by Malgorzata Lagisz, Career Talk by Dr. Jochen Steil, Academic Careers in Europe with Dr. Kerstin Lenk
Open-topic: Education in Quantum Science at the Master’s Degree Level, Coffee Chat with Stanislav Smirnov (Fields Medal 2010), [Tutorial] Stress control molecular dynamics simulation methods designed for simulating soft matter

Outreach/school visits

OIST hosts outreach or science introduction events (for children), if you are interested be sure to let us know. They are organized together with OIST's Community relations team, which can also provide translation/interpretation if necessary.