Hybrid Quantum Device Team


Welcome to the page of the Hybrid Quantum Device Team! We are a diverse team with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. At OIST, we explore, primarily by experiment, optical and spin dynamics of gem crystals and their applications in quantum information technologies. Check out our Research Page to find out more! 


Team Members (for more details, click on each member's name)

  • Yuimaru Kubo, PI

  • Shota Norimoto, Postdoc

  • Rupak Bhattacharya, Postdoc

  • Morihiro Ohta, Ph.D. student

  • Tatsuki Hamamoto, Ph.D. student

Former Team Members

  • Jason Ball, Ph.D. student (September 2016 - August 2021)
  • Peter Moroshkin, staff researcher (April 2018 - March 2020)
  • Akira Kawano, Internship student (Spring 2019) 
  • Jonathan Everts, Internship student (Summer 2018)
  • Alexandre Goumelon, Internship student (Summer 2017)
  • Yu Yamashiro, Internship student (late 2016 - early 2017)
  • Airat Galiulin, Internship student (Summer 2016)

Recent News

2021/09 Tatsuki and Morihiro completed their Rotations and re-started their project.  Welcome back! 
2021/08 Jason Ball defended his thesis in July and was awarded a Ph.D. degree.  Congrats!!!
2020/12 Team leader Yuimaru and OIST professor Hiroki Takahashi are awarded grants in pursuit of Goal 6 of the Japanese Moonshot Research and Development Program. Congrats!!! 
2020/09/01 We welcome former intern Morihiro and new Ph.D. student Tatsuki to our group as rotation students! めんそ〜れ!


2020/03-2020/04 Due to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, presentations by Shota and Jason at the JPS and APS annual meetings have been canceled. Links to the slides are coming soon. 


2020/03/04 We at the HQD team bid a fond farewell to Peter Moroshkin, who heads for a research position at Brown University (Providence, USA). お別れ!


2020/02/14 Congratulations to Morihiro for defending his master's thesis at the University of the Ryukyus! おめでとう!
2019/12/02 The HQD team attends and presents a talk and poster at the International Symposium on Hybrid Quantum Systems 2019 (HQS2019) in Matsue, Japan.


2019/9/12 The HQD team attends and presents two talks, and a poster at the Impurity Spins for Quantum Information and Technologies in Israel. 


2019/05/13 The HQD team attends and presents posters at the 20th Anniversary of Superconducting Qubits (SQ20th) in Tsukuba, Japan. 


2019/04/15 The HQD team welcomes Akira Kawano of the OIST 2019 matriculation class. Akira will be serving as an intern for a couple of months before returning in the fall as a full-time Ph.D. student. めんそ〜れ!


2019/04/03 The new and improved website is open for business! 


2019/04/01 A warm welcome (and congratulations) to Shota Norimoto, who is joining us after finishing what was certainly an arduous Ph.D. journey at Osaka University. めんそ〜れ!


2019/03/15 Jason and Yui give presentations at the 74th Annual JPS meeting.