Yohsuke Moriyama, Ph.D.

Science and Technology Associate
Science and Technology Group


My background

I received Ph.D. (Life Science) from the University of Tokyo on the thesis of mitochondrial inheritance. Then I worked at bioscience company, NAIST (Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) as a postdoctoral fellow for the Plant Educational Unit, Saitama Medical University as a postdoctoral fellow to investigate the mitochondrial disease, and anatomy laboratory of Fujita Health University as a Jokyo (Assistant professor).



I'm interested in mitochondria, peroxisomes, chloroplasts, and cell membrane. In other words, I love membrane. The ongoing project is:

1. "Precise observation of peroxisomal fission/multiplication" at the nm scale using Serial block face-SEM.



2. "How the plasma membrane damages affect the cell viability and physiology." I collaborate with the Kono Unit on this work, and observe the changes of morphology of plasma membrane and the localization of various lipids using fluorescent microscope, electron microscope and Serial block face-SEM. A long-term scientific goal will be to reveal the link between cancer/senescence and the plasma membrane.