FY2022 Members of the Science and Technology Group

The FY2022 Members of the Science and Technology Group

This is the FY2022 Annual Report produced by the Science and Technology Group. This work is described below, and reveals a diverse program of research and cultural development complementary to the rest of the OIST programme.

Please refer to the links on the name for each member's Annual Report FY2022.



STG Associate


Brief description of project



Mirona Chirienco


Past climate and environmental change



Juanita Choo


Human impacts on biodiversity and plant-animal interactions in tropical and sub-tropical forests



Eugene Khaskin


Basic Organometallic Research and Catalysis with Coordination Complexes



Reina Komiya


Reproductive mechanism including long intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) and Chromatin regulation between germ cells and somatic cells



Yohsuke Moriyama

Cell Biology

How the cellular wound healing affect cell physiology and the lifespan



Yoko Nomura


1. Engineering of catalytic RNAs

2. Analysis and functionalization of natural fibers



Payal Shah

Environmental Economics

Analyze the social and environmental consequences of natural resource management policies and formulate optimal strategies to address environmental challenges such as climate change



Satoshi Takebayashi

Organometallic chemistry

Development of innovative catalysts to activate small molecules based on organometallic chemistry



Eugene Kroll

 Molecular Biology

1. Genome restructuring in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2. Entrapped microbial cell factories for prodiuction of valuable biologics
3. Combination metabolic therapy for aggressive tumor

    10.  Yuki Nakazawa  Cell biology

 Molecular mechanisms of centriole assembly

    11.  Ai Kiyomitsu  Biology  Cell division in Medaka early embryos
    12.  Petra Svetlikova  Plant Biology

 Ecophysiology and genomics of parasitic and mycoheterotrophic plants

    13.  Yuimaru Kubo

Quantum information  technology

 Developing spin-based quantum information hardware devices
    14.  Xinying Jia Psychology and Psychotherapy Science

 1. Social Dynamics and Evolution of Incentive Cultures Utilizing Fear, Shame, and Guilt

 2. Review of the treatments of depression

    15.  Yuliya Kulikova Labor Economics  Labor, Health and Family Economics; Inequality
    16.  Midori Ota (Ohta) Cell biology and Biochemistry

 Mechanisms of centrosome assembly and regulation in development


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