Denis Konstantinov



BSc MSc (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) PhD (Brown University)




  • Foreign Researcher Fellowship, Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (2005-2007)
  • Research Initiative Award for Young Scientists, RIKEN (2010)

Research Career

  • Low Temperature Physics Lab, Advanced Science Institite, RIKEN, Japan (2004-2011)
  • Department of Physics, Brown University, USA (1997-2004)

Selected Publications (prior to OIST)

  • D. Konstantinov and K. Kono: “Photon-Induced Vanishing of Magnetoconductance in 2D Electrons on Liquid Helium”, Physical Review Letters 105, 226801 (2010)

  • D. Konstantinov and K. Kono: “Novel Radiation-Induced Magnetoresistance Oscillations in a Nondegenerate Two-Dimensional Electron System on Liquid Helium”, Physical Review Letters 103, 266808 (2009)

  • D. Konstantinov, M. I. Dykman, M. J. Lea, Yu. P. Monarkha, and K. Kono: “Resonant Correlation-induced Optical Bistability in an Electron System on Liquid Helium”, Physical Review Letters 103, 096801 (2009)

  • D. Konstantinov, H. Isshiki, Yu. P. Monarkha, H. Akimoto, K. Shirahama, and K. Kono: “Microwave Resonance-Induced Resistivity: Evidence of Ultrahot Surface-State Electrons on Liquid 3He”, Physical Review Letters 98, 235302 (2007).

  • D. Konstantinov and H. J. Maris: “Detection of excited-state bubbles in superfluid helium”, Physical Review Letters 90, 025302 (2003).

  • D. Konstantinov, W. Homsi, J. Luzuriaga, C.-K. Su, M. A. Weilert, and H. J. Maris: “How does a bubble chamber work?”, Journal of Low Temperature Physics 113, 485-490 (1998).


  • Member of the Physical Society of Japan
  • Member of the American Physical Society
  • Reviewer for Physical Review Letters, Europhysics Letters, Nano Letters, Physical Review B, Nature Communications, Nature Physics, Physics Letters A, Optics Express, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Journal of Physical Society of Japan, Magnetic Resonance in Solids, Applied Magnetic Resonace, Review of Scientific Instruments, Fizika Nizkih Temperatur (Low Temperature Physics), European Physical Journal Plus, Annalen der Physik
  • Grant reviewer for the European Research Council (panel PE3 Condensed Matter Physics).