Petra Svetlikova

Plant ecology and physiology 



I am a plant researcher broadly interested in ecology and physiology of plants. I received a PhD (2018) and a MSc. (2015) in Botany from the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, Czech Republic. I am also interested in mathematical modelling in biology (2015 BSc. in Applied Mathematics).

Research Interests 

My main research interest is ecophysiology of plants, especially partial autotrophs such as parasitic and mycoheterotrophic plants. I study their performance under various environmental conditions by conducting both indoor and outdoor manipulative experiments, physiological measurements, and leaf trait sampling. My additional interests are vegetation ecology and the effects of global climate change on vegetation, including non-native plants.


  • ecophysiology and diversity of parasitic and mycoheterotrophic plants
  • genomics and microscopy of parasitic and mycoheterotrophic plants, particularly at the host-parasite interface


Světlíková P, Hájek T, Těšitel J, 2018. Water stress physiology of Rhinanthus alectorolophus, a root-hemiparasitic plant. PLoS ONE 13 (8), e0200927.

Světlíková P, Hájek T, Těšitel J, 2018. A hemiparasite in the forest understorey: photosynthetic performance and carbon balance of Melampyrum pratense. Plant Biology 20 (1), 50–58.

Světlíková P, Blažek P, Mühlsteinová R, Těšitel J, 2016. Tracing nitrogen flow in a root-hemiparasitic association by foliar stable-isotope labelling. Plant Ecology and Evolution 149 (1), 39–44.

Světlíková P, Hájek T, Těšitel J, 2015. Hydathode trichomes actively secreting water from leaves play a key role in the physiology and evolution of root-parasitic Rhinanthoid Orobanchaceae. Annals of Botany 116 (1), 61–68.