Mirona Chirienco

Research Interests

 I am a Geologist with a primary focus on geochemistry, geomorphology and sedimentary petrography. I use stable and radiogenic isotope chemistry, hydrogeology and geomorphology to reconstruct paleoclimate events and to better understand their effect on specific regions in USA and Asia. I also have a strong interest in Archeology, specifically in key aspects of Okinawan culture, such as traditions, craft technologies, and detection of craft trading and exchanges.

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Current Projects

  • Speleothems as indicators of abrupt climate changes in midwestern USA during the last 500,000 years
  • Past earthquake activity along the New Madrid seismic zone (midwestern USA): Evidence from stalagmite growth dynamics
  • Ceramic petrography study of Okinawan Ceramic Artefacts (in collaboration with Art Conservator Anya Dani)