We study quantum phenomena in different condensed matter and solid-state systems using a variety of experimental methods, such as electrical transport measurements, optical cavities, electron spin (ESR) and nuclear magnetic (NMR) resonances, and microfabrication techniques. Of particular interest are 2D electrons on liquid helium, coupled electron-nuclear systems in crystalline antiferromagnets, and color centers in diamond. We like discovering new interesting phenomena and thinking about their potential applications for quantum technologies. 

Quantum and Classical Transport in Correlated Electrons

Electrons in Microchanel Devices

cQED with Electron Ensembles 

Towards Spin Qubits on Liquid Helium

Coupled Electrons-Nuclear Spins in Antiferromagnets


To learn more about our research results, please check our Annual Reports and PDF slides of our recent presentations below.

Slides of some group presentations

Shan Zou, "Detection of the Rydberg states of electrons on suprfluid helium confined in microchannel devices [PDF]", OIST PhD defense presenation (July 12,  2022).

Denis Konstantinov, "Realization of spin qubits using electrons on superflud helium [PDF], invited talk at the 4th Asian-Pacific Workshop on Trapped Quantum Systems (APTQS 2022) (April 21-23,  2022).

Denis Konstantinov, "Nonlinear transport of Wigner crystal on liquid helium in microchannels [PDF], invited talk at the Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society (APS Meeting) (Chicago, March 2022).

Denis Konstantinov, "Microwave exciation of Rydberg states of electrons on helium by rapid adiabatic passage " [PDF], invited talk at the International Workshop on Electrons and Ions on/in Liquid Helium EIH-2020 (Bangalor, India, January 2020).

Denis Konstantinov, "Energy eigenstates of electrons on helium in tilted magnetic fields" [PDF], invited talk at the International Symposium on Quantum Fluids and Solids QFS2019 (Edmonton, Canada, August 2019).

Erika Kawakami, ”Image-charge detection: towards realizing spin qubits using electrons on helium” [PDF], invited talk at the Quantum transport in 2D systems (Bagnères-de-Luchon, France, May 2019).

Jason Ball, "Towards a quantum transducer with spins in diamond" [PDF], invited talk at the International Workshop on Hybrid Quantum Systems (Onna, Japan, January 2019).

Denis Konstantinov, “Photoconductivity response at the cyclotron resonance harmonics in the electron-on-helium system” [PDF], invited talk at the International Conference on Ultra-Low Temperature Physics (ULT 2017) (Heidelberg, August 2017).

Denis Konstantinov, “Strong coupling of an electron ensemble on liquid helium to microwave cavity”  [PDF], invited talk at the Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society (APS Meeting) (New Orleans, March 2017).

Leonid Abdurakhimov, “Strong Coupling of Hybrid Nuclear-Electron Magnons to a Microwave Resonator” [PDF], contributed talk at  Magnetism 2016  (Sheffield, UK, April 2016).

Denis Konstantinov, “Electrons on Helium under Cyclotron Resonance Excitation” [PDF], invited talk in the International School for Advanced Science “Quantum Transport in 2D Systems”  (Luchon, May 2015).

Denis Konstantinov, "New Quantum Phenomena in Electrons on Helium under Microwave Excitation" [PDF], invited seminar in LPS, University Paris-Sud (Orsay, March 2015).

Denis Konstantinov, "Electrons on Helium for Quantum Computing" [PDF], colloquium talks at the Okinawa School in Physics: Coherent Quantum Dynamics (Okinawa, September 2014).

Denis Konstantinov, "Electrons on helium: towards quantum engineering" [PDF], invited talk at the International Quantum Science Symposium "QSS-ASIA 2013" (Tokyo, November 2013).