Hybrid quantum device project


Welcome to the page of the Quantum Dynamics Unit's hybrid quantum device project. We are a diverse team with a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. At OIST we explore, primarily by experiment, optical and spin dynamics of color centers in diamond and their applications in quantum information theory. Check out our research page to find out more! 


Team Members (for more details, click on each member's name)

  • Yuimaru Kubo, project leader & social organizer  
  • Petr Moroshkin, staff scientist & optics wizard
  • Shota Norimoto, postdoctoral researcher & electronics guru
  • Jason Ball, PhD student & lead coffee consumer
  • Morihiro Ohta, intern & master of kanji strokes 

Recent News

2019/9/12 The HQD team attends and presents two talks and a poster at the Impurity Spins for Quantum Information and Technologies in Israel. 


2019/05/13 The HQD team attends and presents posters at the 20th Anniversary of Superconducting Qubits (SQ20th) in Tsukuba, Japan. 
2019/04/15 The HQD team welcomes Akira Kawano of the OIST 2019 matriculation class. Akira will be serving as an intern for a couple months before returning in the fall as a full-time PhD student. めんそ〜れ!
2019/04/03 The new and improved website is open for business! 
2019/04/01 A warm welcome (and congratulations) to Shota Norimoto, who is joining us after finishing what was certainly an arduous PhD journey at Osaka University. めんそ〜れ!
2019/03/15 Jason and Yui give presentations at the 74th Annual JPS meeting.