Past Events

OIST Innovators Society - Workshop 5 ‘Early-stage Recruiting and Compensation – Role Play’

Seminar Room A719 - Lab 3

In Workshop #4 we discussed recruiting and compensation for early-stage companies. In Workshop #5, we will use role-play to practice both recruiting as a founder and joining an early-stage startup as an employee or advisor. We will practice as teams in a casual setting, so you can attend this workshop even if you have not attended Workshop #4.

OIST Innovators Society - Workshop 4

Seminar room C210 (center building)

Workshop 4: ‘Early-stage Recruiting and Compensation - Both Sides’

Are you being approached by startups to provide technical consultation? OR Are you planning to launch startups in the future? If you are, you might be wondering how new people are recruited to join startups.

OIST Innovators Society - Fireside chat with Lifetime Ventures

Seminar room C210 (center building)

The OIST Innovators Society is hosting a casual fireside chat with Koshu Kunii, Ryosuke Kimura and Kentaroh (Kenny) Awata, from Lifetime Ventures. Lifetime Ventures is a pre-seed venture capital firm based in Tokyo, that invests in talent to create businesses that will be loved and exist for a long time. Lifetime typically invests ~$50-500k in startups at the pre-seed or seed stage and provides hands-on support to its portfolio startups. This is an exciting opportunity to ask venture capitalists anything!

Seminar: UTEC Founders Program for Entrepreneurs

Lab 4 Room E48

Every Company has a "Day 1"

Join guests from the University of Tokyo Edge Capital to learn about their Founders Program that offers comprehensive support to teams in various stages of launching their deep-tech startups. In addition to investment funds, the program also offers grants to researchers in basic science. 12 April 2022 | 9:30-10:15 | Lab 4 Room E48

Fireside Chat on Careers in Venture Capital for PhDs


Careers in Venture Capital for PhDs

Join the Managing Partner and Investment Associates from the University of Tokyo Edge Capital to explore the topic of careers in venture capital for PhDs. Snacks will be provided. No registration required. 11 April 2022 | 17:00-18:00 | Room C210

Fireside Chat with Startup Founder Shozo Kamiya

Center Building Meeting Room C210

Join us for an informal lunchtime "fireside chat" with Shozo Kamiya, Founder of I'm Beside You, a startup developing multimodal AI systems to improve online communications and make them more personalized to the individual. 28 March 2022 | 12:00-13:00 | C210

OIST Innovators Society - Workshop 3

Seminar room C210 (center building)

The Innovators Society is gathering with the 3rd installment of the startup workshop series, with speaker Mr. Eli Lyons, Co-founder/CEO of GenomeMiner, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at OIST.

OIST Innovators Society - What is an NDA, and how do they work?

Seminar room C700 and zoom

At our next Innovators Society meeting, we will be joined by Graham Garner, our resident Technology Licensing Specialist at OIST - to talk about Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and other research agreements you may need to use throughout your career.

OIST Innovators Society - Workshop 2 - ‘How to Make a Capitalization Table’

Venue: C210 (center building) + zoom

OIST Innovators Society - Workshop 2: 'How to make a Capitalization Table'

This session is meant to provide an explanation of how stock holdings are recorded in a capitalization or “cap” table – what a cap table is used for – and how to make one. It will also cover stock options as compensation, which is important if you are starting a company or joining a company as a new employee.

OIST Innovators Society - Workshop 1 - ‘When and Why to Incorporate a Company’

Venue: B503 (center building) + zoom


OIST Innovators Society Workshop 1: 'When and Why to Incorporate a Company'

In this session, we will learn and discuss about some of the considerations to be made, and the processes involved when starting a company.