Past Events

Scientific entrepreneurship - Panel Discussion


What inspires people to start their own company? Why do post-docs transition to becoming entrepreneurs? What are the highs, the lows, and how are researchers suited to entrepreneurship? If you are interested in these questions and more, then please come to this panel talk where 3 founders will discuss their thoughts and experiences on starting their own companies.

Bringing biotechnology to the market: one researcher's journey


Magali Soumillon, Co-Founder of Flexomics, will talk about how she has developed a genomic analysis technology, and why she developed it first in an academic and then as an entrepreneur.

Climate Launchpad 21 - Join the Largest Green Business Idea Competition


You have a green idea? You want to create impact and scale this idea? You should apply to the EU backed initiative Climate Launchpad. Christian Schmitz, Founder/CEO of PDIE Group will tell us about this exciting program.

Fireside Chat with "Hardy" Kagimoto


Fireside chat with Dr. Tadahisa “Hardy” Kagimoto, MD, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Healios K.K., a biotechnology company leading the development of stem cell derived regenerative therapies.

[Postponed] Innovation Seminar: Leap Before you Look - Professor Tamotsu Yoshimori

C209 Center Building

[Postponed: Rescheduled Date to be Annonced]

INNOVATION SEMINAR: Leap Before you Look - Why One Autophagy Researcher Launched a Startup

Professor Tamotsu Yoshimori
Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience/Medicine
Osaka University

Possibilities in Africa -From the perspective of entrepreneurs, investors, and Okinawa startup companies-


Language: Japanese only

Co-organized by JICA and SME Support Japan

Registration required by March 5, 2021 17:00

OIST DeepTech Meetup at the 10th Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference

Tokyo and Online

OIST Meet-Up at the 10th Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference in Tokyo on March 5

Join us in-person or online for an exciting panel discussion on the impact of advanced technologies for a more sustainable life.

Panelists: Yabing Qi (OIST), Hiroaki Kitano (OIST/Sony CSL), Yuuki Hanyu (Integriculture)

DeepTech Meet-Up
Friday, March 5, 2021

10th Hyper-Interdisciplinary Conference
Haneda Innovation City and ONLINE


Science to Society: Dr. Sebastian Weidt - CEO Universal Quantum


Dr. Sebastian Weidt will talk about why he chose to do both research on, and start a company developing, quantum computing technology.

Day 6: Entrepreneurship Training-Final presentation

Seminar Room C700

Language: English

Reservation required

Application Deadline: Sep 2 (Wed)

Day 5: Entrepreneurship Training-Mid-check-in

Seminar Room C700

Language: English

Reservation required

Application Deadline: Sep 2 (Wed)