Past Events

Fall 2019 Lean Startup Entrepreneurial Training Program: Mid-checkin

Meeting Room C016, Lab 1

Language: English

Reservation required

Introduction to Intellectual Property

B700 - Lab 3

By Mr. Ryohei Yoshida (Tsukuni & Associates patent attorneys' office)

Language: English. Open to everybody

Fall 2019 Lean Startup Entrepreneurial Training Program: 3-day Opening Session

2019-11-08 to 2019-11-10
Friday: B250; Saturday & Sunday: C700

Language: English

Reservation required

Intro to Entrepreneurship Training Program

Lab 3, B701 Computer Lab

Language: English

Reservation required.

OIST-NTHU Joint Seminar: Accelerating Research Towards Applications in the Life Sciences


Joint Seminar featuring faculty and researchers from OIST and National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan to discuss research advances for applications in the life sciences. Open to all.

Fireside Chat: Building a Dream Team for University Startups

C700 Lab 3 Level C

Lunchtime "fireside chat" about starting up a company based on university research. Featuring: Professor Margaret Dah-Tsyr Chang from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

DeepX Tech Talk in OIST - Machine automation using deep learning

Seminar Room C209

DeepX is an AI startup company originating from Matsuo Lab. of the University of Tokyo.

Okinawa Startup Program DEMO DAY

OIST Seminar Room B250

Participating teams will pitch their business plans to potential partners and venture capitalists.

Sponsored by the Bank of Ryukyus and Okinawa Times

By Invitation Only.

Language: Japanese with interpretation.

Seminar: Rapid Pathway Prototyping for Novel Bio-Based Chemicals

Lab 3 A719

Dr. Massimo Merighi
Associate Head of Metabolic Engineering, Ginkgo Bioworks (Boston, MA, USA)

Rapid pathway prototyping for novel bio-based chemicals: Case Studies from Ginkgo Bioworks

Innovation Seminar: Dr. Massimo Merighi, Ginkgo Bioworks


Ginkgo Bioworks and the challenges of making biology easier to engineer

How an MIT spin-off company founded by 4 graduate students designs microbes for the fragrance, food, agriculture, and pharmceutical industries