Denis Konstantinov


Associate Professor 

BSc MSc (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) PhD (Brown University)




  • Foreign Researcher Fellowship, Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (2005-2007)
  • Research Initiative Award for Young Scientists, RIKEN (2010)

Research Career

  • Low Temperature Physics Lab, Advanced Science Institite, RIKEN, Japan (2004-2011)
  • Department of Physics, Brown University, USA (1997-2004)

Selected Publications

  • D. Konstantinov and K. Kono: “Photon-Induced Vanishing of Magnetoconductance in 2D Electrons on Liquid Helium”, Physical Review Letters 105, 226801 (2010)

  • D. Konstantinov and K. Kono: “Novel Radiation-Induced Magnetoresistance Oscillations in a Nondegenerate Two-Dimensional Electron System on Liquid Helium”, Physical Review Letters 103, 266808 (2009)

  • D. Konstantinov, M. I. Dykman, M. J. Lea, Yu. P. Monarkha, and K. Kono: “Resonant Correlation-induced Optical Bistability in an Electron System on Liquid Helium”, Physical Review Letters 103, 096801 (2009)

  • D. Konstantinov, H. Isshiki, Yu. P. Monarkha, H. Akimoto, K. Shirahama, and K. Kono: “Microwave Resonance-Induced Resistivity: Evidence of Ultrahot Surface-State Electrons on Liquid 3He”, Physical Review Letters 98, 235302 (2007).

  • D. Konstantinov and H. J. Maris: “Detection of excited-state bubbles in superfluid helium”, Physical Review Letters 90, 025302 (2003).

  • D. Konstantinov, W. Homsi, J. Luzuriaga, C.-K. Su, M. A. Weilert, and H. J. Maris: “How does a bubble chamber work?”, Journal of Low Temperature Physics 113, 485-490 (1998).


  • Member of the Physical Society of Japan
  • Member of the American Physical Society
  • Reviewer for Physical Review Letter, Europhysics Letters, Physical Review B, Nature Communications, Nature Physics, Physics Letters, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Magnetic Resonance in Solids, Applied Magnetic Resonace