Past Events

Graduate School Mini Course Series: Introduction to Supersymmetric QFT

2024年4月18日 (木) 9:00 10:30

Mini Course: Introduction to Supersymmetric QFT

[Series Starting Thursday April 18, 2024]

International Graduate School Administration Forum at OIST - 14-15 March 2024

2024年3月14日 (木) 9:002024年3月15日 (金) 12:00

The GS-hosted International Graduate School Administration Forum at OIST planned for 14th and 15th March. The Forum will serve as an arena where like-minded individuals in the academic administrative field will gather to exchange ideas and develop a deeper understanding of successfully running an international graduate school in Japan.

NTT R&D Seminar

2024年2月29日 (木) 15:00 16:30
Lab4 F01

NTT R&D company information session.

Venue: Lab4 F01

OIST NetCafé Online Information Session in February 2024

2024年2月29日 (木) 10:00

OIST Café is a casual science information session to introduce the OIST PhD program, Research Internship, and other workshops. What do cutting-edge research and education look like? What are the qualification and criteria to get into Graduate School? What are the career options after the graduation? OIST members such as PhD students and admissions officers will meet you to answer all your questions!

Class2022 PCD Group Project Final Presentation

2024年2月16日 (金) 15:00 16:00

Let’s vote for Class 2022 Group Project Awards!

Class 2022 OIST students have been working on group projects for about 10 months as a part of their Professional and Career Development Program (PCD)completion of a group project is mandatory for all students in their Year 1-2, and at the end, students give a presentation on their project. 

Each group puts a tremendous amount of time and energy to create great projects. Please join and see their presentation  and vote for;

  • The Best Project Award:  Most ‘Wow-factored’ project
  • Community Award: Most ‘community engaged’ project
  • People’s Choice Award: Just because you LOVE it!

Thank you for your participation and support for the Class 2022!

[BOG/BOC Special talk] Capitalism that works : Japan’s Economic Realities, Potential & Challenges

2024年1月26日 (金) 15:00 17:00

[BOG/BOC Special talk] Speaker: Mr. Jesper Koll

Capitalism that works :  Japan’s Economic Realities

Japan has got what it takes to be an economic superpower and role model. As new global realities and national rivalries force unprecedented challenges and uncertainty for global leaders, Japan’s social resilience, political stability, corporate competitiveness, technocratic pragmatism and private sector innovation potential are poised to deliver positive upside surprises and real opportunities. No one doubts the potential; but can Japan really outperform on its own merits? Learn where exactly the opportunities are; how you can engage and profit from Japan’s new structural up-cycle; why there is more to sustainable prosperity than innovation and profit; what forces could derail it; and why Japan’s demographic destiny is an overarching positive force for next-Generation leaders, citizens and the rising Asian middle class.

Winter Admissions Selection

2024年1月22日 (月) 9:002024年2月9日 (金) 17:30

Online Admissions Selection for shortlisted PhD applicants from January 22nd to February 9th, 2024.

Information sessions about PhD program, faculty talks and interviews all via zoom.

The event is targeted towards shortlisted applicants for our PhD program.

Please contact for further details.


Science Challenge 2024 - Call for volunteers

2024年1月4日 (木) 11:002024年2月16日 (金) 11:25

Volunteers wanted for the Science Challenge workshop from February 17 - 23, 2024!

Support us with hands-on science activities, share your knowledge about poster presentation, essay writing or flash talk presentations with the participants or join a panel discussion about what is required to be successful as a PhD student / research intern at OIST. 

Sign-up here, if you would like to support us and to get more information about the tasks we require your support! 


Graduate School Mini Course: Filmmaking for Everyone (Session 3)

2023年12月13日 (水) 14:30
B700 (Lab 3)

Learn new skills, meet new people and enjoy the art of filmmaking with OIST's own professional videographer, Scotty! 

Finished products will have the opportunity be featured on the OIST Vimeo account.

Graduate School Mini Course: Filmmaking for Everyone (Session 2)

2023年12月8日 (金) 14:30
B700 (Lab 3)

Come and take the chance to learn professional tools & skills for documentary filmmaking from an OIST videography professional!