Sustainable Squid Aquaculture System (No. 0199)

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Aquaculture is a term used to define the activity of water creature farming, including squid. This farming procedure involves interventions in the rearing process to enhance production and stable supply to the market, such as regular stocking, feeding, and protection from predators. Eating seafood is part of cultural traditions of many peoples and in terms of health benefits, it has an excellent nutritional profile. It is a good source of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and essential micronutrients. In addition to food source purposes, aquaculture activity is also utilized by industries to conserve species that are on the verge of extinction or decline in population such as the octopus and squid. However, it is very difficult to rear squid on farms due to their aggressive behaviour, sensitivity to water flow, food preferences, and unusual reproduction practices. A team of OIST researchers has developed a novel aquaculture system for the farming of squid. This is a ground-breaking step towards the development of sustainable squid farming over multiple generations.


Lead Researcher:
Jonathan Miller

Faculty of Physics and Biology Unit


Generation of bioactive compounds for multiple purposes:

  • Food source
  • Research specimens



  • Sustainable
  • Multiple breeding generations
  • Reduction in live feed

Squid Feeding and Keeping System

Squid Reproduction System

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The key features of this novel squid aquaculture system include:
1. Reproduction System – Separation of females, artificial fertilization, and egg incubation.
2. Feeding System – thawing/preparation of dead food, introduction of dead food early to train groups of squid, and immediately removing uneaten food.
3. Keeping System – Maintain Water quality, squid density, water flow and tank designs.
This aquaculture system allows for the rearing of multi generations of squid which could provide a sustainable food source to the seafood industry in all seasons.


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