Work-Life Balance

 OIST strives to establish an institutional environment where all members can realize their full potential, while maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. (OIST Diversity Promotion Voucher)

 1) Flextime
 2) On-Campus housing
 3) Childcare Service
 4) Changing Tables
 5) Mother's Room
 6) Medical Center
 7) Ganjuu Wellbeing Service
 8) Resource Center
 9) Cultural Activities on Campus
10) Clubs


1) Flextime

OIST has implemented Flextime in order to achieve work-life balance and reduce overtime hours.

The eligibility is Admin staff except for part-time and discretionary employees are eligible for overtime payment. Flextime has the “Core Time”(10am to 3pm) and the “Flexible Time”. Flextime Employees are required to work during the “Core Time”, and they can decide their start and finish time within the flextime. 



2) On-Campus Housing


OIST provides houses for faculty at the Hillside Faculty and Seaside Faculty Housing areas.
Faculty, researchers, and students are housed in apartments in the Village Center and the West Court.






3) Childcare Service







OIST Child Development Center (CDC)

The CDC provides quality nursery care and early childhood education in English and Japanese for children from the ages of 2 months - 6 years. An after-school program for children aged 6-12, a holiday program for children aged 6-12.
Visit the Child Development Center website for more information about what is available and how to make use of these services.Also, see the Handbook for more information. (login required)

Third Party Childcare Services

The OIST Resource Center provides information on third party childcare services around OIST.
For more information, please visit their website.


4) Changing Tables

Changing tables are installed in all OIST buildings.

 - Location of Diper Change Sation and Parents room (OIST internal Use)
 - Location of Diper Change Sation and Parents room (For Visitors)



5) Mother's Room


 The Mothers’ Room (Lab3 C729) is provided for OIST female faculty, staff, students, and family members who are pregnant or who have infants, and are in need of a place to rest, breast-feed or express milk. Use is strictly limited to the above purposes and conditions. Users are expected to observe the following rules:

Basic Rules for Use
(1) Please sign in each time you use the room. Provide your name, arrival and departure times and purpose of use.
(2) The room is not to be used when you have a fever or when you have or suspect to have a contagious illness.
(3) Please bring your own items for breast-feeding or expressing milk, if necessary.
(4) Please take used diapers with you when you leave. Do not leave them in the room.
(5) Please note that the room is not intended for lengthy use.
(6) Please keep the room clean for the next person.
(7) Please note that the room is designed for shared use. Please be considerate to other users.

(1) If you are not feeling well, please call the Health Center.(Health Center: 098-966-8945)
(2) In case of malfunction or failure of equipment, or if the room needs to be cleaned, please contact the Facility Management Section.(Facility Management Section: 098-966-8405, e-mail:
(3) If you need any assistance at night or on weekends or holidays, please call the OIST Helpline.(OIST Helpline: 098-966-8989)
(4) If you have any requests or comments, please leave them in the Suggestion Box, or e-mail them to:

6) Medical Center

The Medical Center, located in the Center Building, manages regular employee and student health exams, including special health screening for research personnel and influenza vaccinations for all OIST members. The center also provides first-aid and health consultation during work hours and events.

Hours: 9:30 - 17:00 Monday - Friday
            excluding holidays
Location: Center bldg., Level B B234
                (near the entrance to lab 1 bldg.,
                 adjacent to the seminar room B250)
Phone:  098-966-8945 /ext.18945


7) Ganjuu Wellbeing Service

Employees and students have access to full-time, professional counseling services at the Ganjuu Wellbeing Service. Ganjuu sees to the psychological and emotional health of all OIST employees, students, and their families.

Hours: 9:00-17:00 Monday-Friday (Closed: Weekends and OIST Holidays)
Location: 128, West Cout, Village Center
Phone: 098-982-3327


8) Resource Center

The Resource Center, is a place for OIST members, including family, to come for advice and assistance with services like transportation and childcare, healthcare, banking, community information exchange, campus and local events, and any other support they require for living in Okinawa.

Hours: 9:00-5:30
Location: Village Center (next to the gym)
Phone: 098-966-8929



9) Cultural Activities on Campus

OIST hosts many concerts, performances, art exhibitions, and lectures throughout the year.
These events are open to the general public.


10) Clubs

There are various sporting and other cultural clubs for extracurricular activities of OIST members.



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