Work-Life Balance

OIST strives to establish a working environment where all members can realize their full potential, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

1) Resource Center

Resource Center provides information about life on campus and in Okinawa.

 - Resource Center

2) Recreation Services

Recreation Services provides OIST members with an opportunity to build relationships within the surrounding Okinawan community. Its goal is to promote healthy lifestyles with diverse populations by providing opportunities to engage in physical activity that combines with education and recreation that supports community wellbeing.

 - Recreation Services

3) Ganjuu Wellbeing Service

“Ganjuu” is an Okinawan word meaning ‘good, well, strong, healthy’.  Ganjuu wellbeing Service aim to support and nurture Ganjuu in the whole of the OIST community so that together we can build opportunities from these challenges.

 - Ganjuu wellbeing Service

4) Flextime

Monthly work hours and daily flexible working hours with core time has been introduced to achieve work-life balance and reduce overtime hours.  See the HR website (login required) for more information about how Flextime can help you.


 Flextime Policy


5) Family Care Leave

The University conforms to the Act on the Welfare of Workers Who Take Care of Children or Other Family Members Including Childcare and Family Care Leaves (Childcare and Family Care Leave Act, Act No. 76 of 1991) and all relevant laws and regulations, allowing employees a healthier balance between family and work life.

For Students Special Leave 

For Employees Maternity/Childcare Leave and Family Care Leave

6) Holidays and Leaves

The details are available here.