Recreation Services


Recreation Services was established in 2018, as a site devoted to Registered Clubs by encouraging and promoting involvement on campus and in the community. Recreation Services is accessible online to students, faculty, staff and family members thereof this webpage. Recreation Services is the centralized portal through which clubs will receive campus updates and alerts, complete registration and post events and news. It is an expectation that Registered Clubs actively use Recreation Services in their organization's operations and keep their club's webpage updated.

Recreation Services also allows students and other OIST community members to search clubs based upon interests and connect directly with members of Registered Clubs. Registered Clubs will be listed on Clubs and Club Categories. Club members are encouraged to link the social media accounts and external websites on the official club websites listed here.

Recreation Services provides OIST members with an opportunity to build relationships within the surrounding Okinawan community. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles with diverse populations by providing opportunities to engage in physical activity that combines with education and recreation that supports community wellbeing.