Recreation Services


Fitness Gym

Application process:


(save a digital copy on your PC)

(take a comprehensive test and save a digital copy of the completion certificate on your PC)


  • Gym access will be remotely granted to your OIST ID card in a week

Facility Reservations

Before reserving, please check outlook calendar for availability.

Facilities for Recreation

  • On-campus:

Room reservation request for occasional activity

Room reservation request for recurring activity

  • Seaside House Lounge:

Reservations for Seaside Lounge Social Gatherings

  • Off-campus:

If you need assistance reserving space in a local facility off-campus for your sports club, please contact  Our staff will be able to assist you.

Teaching a skill or class

Do you have a skill that you would like to teach the OIST community through Recreation Services?

To Become an External Teacher: