Gender Equality and Diversity

About Us

The OIST Graduate University is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty, students and staff.  Gender Equality Division promotes an institutional culture that values diversity and supports a working environment that is attractive to everyone who works at OIST regardless of gender, age, nationality, or family status. 

OIST established the Gender Equality Taskforce in October 2013.  The Taskforce was charged with developing a strategy to promote participation of women where they are underrepresented across OIST.  The Taskforce report was approved at the Board of Governor’s meeting in May 2014.  The report stated OIST’s Gender Equality Goals as follows: (1) To create a working environment that is attractive to, and supportive of, all staff irrespective of gender, age or family status; and (2) To achieve gender balance within every job category and level within OIST.  A series of recommendations to achieve these goals were articulated in the report.  The Gender Equality Division was officially launched on April 1, 2015 to meet the OIST gender equality goals and to implement many of the recommendations.


What We Do...

Gender Equality Division develops OIST policies on gender equality and diversity as well as strategies to implement them.  Our activities are guided by the OIST mission (PRP 1.2), Core Values (PRP 1.3) and the recommendations of the Gender Equality Taskforce.  It is our responsibility to ensure that OIST gender equality policies benefit current and future faculty, students and staff alike, and they are implemented uniformly throughout the entire OIST community. The Gender Equality Committee consisting of representatives from the various divisions/units provides advice to Vice President for Gender Equality. 

In addition, Gender Equality Division serves as the central information clearinghouse at OIST for those looking for policies, practices, programs, facilities and other resources that are relevant to OIST’s efforts to promote gender equality.  We also represent OIST in interactions with other universities and organizations interested in promoting gender equality in the science locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Latest Posts

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    嘉数悠子先生(国立天文台ハワイ観測所すばる望遠鏡アウトリーチ・スペシャリスト)の講義や実習を通して最先端の科学を楽しく学びます。 また、リケジョの先輩達が様々な理系分野の中からどのように 専攻を決めたのか、研究の楽しさ、研究室の様子や学生生活、 大学卒業後の進路などについてお話しします。

  • Report on the 8th Annual Q-wea Symposium in Okinawa [Nov.11]

    On November 11th, OIST Diversity Section and University of the Ryukyus Gender Equality Promotion Office co-hosted “the 8th Annual Q-wea Symposium in Okinawa” at the University of the Ryukyus. The Q-wea symposium ended successfully as it was attended by over 120 participants. For more information on the 8th Annual Q-wea Symposium in Okinawa, please check the report.