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Thank you for supporting OIST!

Thank you for supporting OIST. 

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President’s Fund to support the overall development of the University

As a Special Private School Corporation, OIST is granted by the Japanese government the administrative freedom to take innovative initiatives. The Japanese government’s subsidies ensured the University start out with a solid foundation and grow at an impressively fast pace in the first years. However, the long-term plan for the University is to reduce this dependence and increase the amount of funding from donations and partnerships. Your support is vital to the future of OIST!

COVID-19 Response Fund

As the COVID-19 outbreak expands worldwide, OIST joins the global effort in combating the pandemic through scientific means. At the same time, we are volunteering our research and expertise to the Okinawan community and the Okinawan Prefectural Government in anticipation of critical areas of needs throughout the prefecture. At present, our scientists are moving ahead quickly with projects aimed at mitigating the threat of the public health crisis in the short term or finding long-term medical management solutions for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. To support these efforts, OIST has launched a COVID-19 Response Fund.

Learn more about the COVID-19 OIST Research Community Projects.

Shohei Suzuki Research Safety Fund

We are privileged to be working in research, where rapid advances in knowledge and technology are produced in an atmosphere of excitement and sometimes competition. As scientific experiments inevitably involve many risk factors, the University is committed to creating a safety culture to ensure that scientific advances will be achieved in a safe and high-quality research environment. To promote this safety culture, we have established the Shohei Suzuki Research Safety Fund, in memory of Dr. Shohei Suzuki, a dear colleague of us whose dedication to marine research will always be remembered by the whole OIST community.

Learn more about the Shohei Suzuki Research Safety Fund.

Diversity Impact Fund

When OIST was first established, we identified diversity and inclusion as one of our core values. Valuing diversity and inclusion means that we embrace access to success for all members of the OIST community. By creating an environment that is attractive to and supportive of all employees and students, we honor our differences and demonstrate our commitment to treating everyone with fairness and respect, irrespective of the group with which they identify. The OIST Diversity Impact Fund was created to inspire individuals and/or organizations at OIST to identify creative ways to make OIST more diverse. Projects celebrating diversity and inclusion will be provided funding to make educational, cultural and/or social opportunities available to members of OIST or the broader Okinawan community.

Recreation Services BeActive Fund

Recreation Services provides OIST members with an opportunity to build relationships within the surrounding Okinawan community. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles with diverse populations by providing opportunities to engage in physical activity that combines with education and recreation that supports community wellbeing.

Recreation is not supported by government subsidy funds and therefore we are asking for donations from the community to create opportunities for people to foster relationships through activity. You may support us by donating to the BeActive Fund.

Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund at OIST is a vehicle to provide students with an opportunity for growth, enabling them to engage in activities that enrich our community beyond research and aim to connect and integrate everyone into this beautiful island community. Your donation will empower students in their initiatives to contribute to the OIST and local communities and Okinawa at large.


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