OIST Action Plan

OIST shall establish the following action plan designed to ensure a working environment that encourages all staff members to demonstrate their ability and maintain work-life balance. The action plan also encourages the active participation of female staff toward their success in the workplace.

Period April 1, 2020 ~ March 31, 2025

Current Challenges at OIST:

  • While the rate of eligible women taking childcare leave is almost 100%, the rate for men taking child-care leave has varied between 0% and 6% in the last few years.
  • Amongst administrative staff, women represent 60-70% of total hires, and the improvements in appointing female managers can be seen. However, the percentage of women in managerial positions differs across departments. There is also evidence that the hiring or placement of women has not progressed in certain managerial positions.


Goals, Detailed Approaches and Implementation Schedule:

  1. Increase the number of men taking paternity leave to ONE or more and encourage men to take special leave for childcare purposes.

  • April 2020~ 
    Inform male staff about the support systems and financial preparations for childcare leave through OIST website and parent handbook in order to increase awareness. Encourage both male staff and their supervisors to take paternity leave and leave for childcare purposes.
  • April 2022~
    Examine the status of utilization of the leave systems, problems or improvements.
  1. Provide continuous career development support for staff on childcare leave or returning to work from childcare leave.

  • April 2021~ 
    Provide information to the staff undertaking childcare leave and training for the staff returning to work from childcare leave for the development and improvement of the vocational ability.
  • April 2021~ 
    Initiate training for managers to raise their awareness of and need to develop working environments that are comfortable for and accepting of staff who are raising children.
  1. Increase the ratio of women in managerial positions (manager or above) to 30% in all administrative departments.
  • April 2020~
    Formulate a strategy for hiring, development of human resources, placement and training to increase female managers in every department.
  • June 2020~
    Develop hiring procedures including the interviewing at least one woman candidate for all positions.
  • April 2021~
    Initiate a professional development training program for female staff 


     Childcare Leave Acquisition Rate by Gender

     Wage Difference Male and Female