Leave Policy

Effective Date: September 1, 2020

Research study in the Graduate School is considered a year-round activity that continues between teaching terms. A student who wishes to be absent from Okinawa and/or the approved course of study and research, or who proposes to take vacation, is required to submit an application for leave of absence. There are three types of study-related leave of absence, namely, Annual Leave, Study Leave, and Non-study Leave. Students must seek and receive approval from the Graduate School before going on leave.

1 Paid Annual Leave

In addition to University Holidays (5.7.1), Students enrolled for credits are eligible for up to 20 days of paid Annual Leave per academic year. Up to 20 days can be carried over to a maximum of 40 days. For students taking courses, this leave must be taken in the designated break periods between terms; Annual Leave will not usually be approved during term. For students engaged in thesis research work, the approval of the Thesis Supervisor (or in the case of Special Research Students, the University supervisor) is required for Annual Leave, which may be taken during term time. Annual Leave may not be used at any time after thesis submission. Annual Leave is not considered sufficient reason for delay of examination or extension of enrollment.

2 Study Leave

A student may be granted Study Leave for the purposes of study while taking approved courses at other institutions outside Okinawa. A student may be granted Study Leave for the purpose of research outside Okinawa only at a partner institution with which the University has entered into a formal exchange agreement. Any period of Study Leave granted shall be counted towards the period of study. Conference, summer school and workshop attendance outside Okinawa, and field work are not normally considered as Study Leave but as a business trip.

3 Non-study Leave

A student may request or be asked to take Non-study Leave when he / she is best advised for personal, health, or other reasons to have time completely away from his / her academic responsibilities. Under no circumstances shall leave of absence under this category be granted on each occasion or cumulatively for a period of more than two years for the entire period of study. Any period of Non-study Leave granted shall result in the extension of the period of study by the period of absence.