Science Events

The Community Relations Section is actively engaged in science and technology activities inside and outside OIST, providing education and entertainment to people of all ages. We hold special programs on campus and exhibit at events held in various parts of Okinawa. Science experiment classes and lectures are also implemented on remote islands and in distant areas.

Science Festival

This event is open to the public and provides an opportunity to learn about OIST's education and research activities while experiencing the latest science and technology first-hand. The event includes a Science Café program during which visitors can talk with researchers and learn about the mysteries of animals and plants. We also offer unique hands-on crafts and experiment demonstrations that will spark your curiosity and make you feel the wonder of science. 

In FY2021, the event will be held on February 19th, 2022. 
Please refer to the following web page for more information about Science Festivals which have been held in previous years.

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SCORE! Creating the Next Generation of Scientists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs

SCORE! is designed to promote senior high school students’ hands-on science education and interest in entrepreneurship, as well as to support English language education and the goal of becoming a global citizenship.

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Junkudo Book Store×OIST Science Talk

A science talk event featuring OIST researchers and students is held periodically in the event space at the Junkudo Bookstore, Naha branch. You can ask questions directly to the researchers.


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 Onna ×OIST Children’s School of Science

The Children's School of Science a joint effort put on by Onna Village and OIST. 
This school celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. The five-day science program is held every year during the summer vacation for elementary and junior high school students in Onna Village. In addition to participants from among Onna Village, faculty, parents, and OIST staff, we also welcome students from within the prefecture as volunteer staff, providing them with an opportunity to interact with the Onna community.  

Science Trips

OIST researchers and students go to various places in Okinawa Prefecture, including remote islands, to conduct science programs every year. Through hands-on activities such as experiments and crafts, we convey the fascination of science.  
In 2020, we held science craft classes on Aguni island and in Ogimi village.