SCORE! Creating the Next Generation of Scientists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs

What is SCORE?!?

SCORE! is designed to promote senior high school students’ hands-on science education and interest in entrepreneurship, as well as to support English language education and the goal of becoming a global citizenship.

  1. Do a science project—something new or something you’ve done before.
  2. Think about how the project can be used in business or daily life. How can you make money from it? How can you make life simpler or better?
  3. Enter SCORE!
  4. Give a short oral presentation about your project.
  5. Prizes include round-trip tickets from Okinawa to the U.S., iPads, and an internship opportunity at OIST.

Event Details

When: TBA
Where: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University Auditorium
Who: All senior high school-aged students in Okinawa are eligible

Deadlines and Schedule

TBA Website application submission starts
TBA Deadline for applications
TBA Applicants notified of their acceptance
TBA Applicants must submit presentation material (e.g., presentation slides) and abstracts online via the website
TBA SCORE! Main Event in the OIST Auditorium