12th Annual SCORE!



  1. The application for the 12th SCORE! is closed

  2. The prize for this year's winning team includes a training trip to the "9th High School Student International Symposium" scheduled for February 2024 in Kagoshima. For more information about the symposium, please refer to this link.


Participating Teams and Research Titles(INPO)

Shcool Research Title
Chubu Agricultural High School Development of Frozen Dragon Fruit -Saving Farmers with Freazing Technology-! 
Okinawa Shogaku High school

Effects of bisphenol A on sea grape

National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College Innovative Approaches to Coastal Rip Current Prediction using Spatio-temporal Stream Vectors and Machine Learning 
National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College For a Sustainable Future, Building Ageing Prediction System based on Space Radiation Technology
Misato High School Basic research on the development of cultivation techniques for the edible use of Shimachisujinori(Thorea gaudichaudii)
Kyuyo High School  Development of Anti-Fogging Agent from Farmed Edible Seaweed Cladosiphon okamuranus (Okinawamozuku in Japanese)
Yaeyama Agricultural High School  Aiming to Develop Ishigaki Island Speciality Products  ~Popularizing Euglena~ 


Poster Presentations(INPO)


Misato High School Extraction of Chlorophyll from Unutilized Resources and Its Utilization.
Misato High School Development of an application to enhance the understanding of dynamics
coastal plants.
Misato High School Regarding the use of spring water as the keystone of disaster infrastructure in Okinawa City and regional revitalization
that efficiently produces PGA, a water quality
improvement material.
National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College IoT System for Preventing Roadkill of Rare Small Animals and Reliable Conservation Observation, Quinart System
Okinawa Christian School International The Thermoelectric System: Solving the Global Energy Crisis
Okinawa Shogaku High School Do the stems of the Getto contain more antibacterial properties than the leaves?
Yomitan High School What’s going on “HIJAGAWA”
Kyuyo High School Production of natto with Vetiver planted for Countermeasures against red soil runoff
Kyuyo High School Prevention of Red Soil Runoff and Product Development Using Okinawa Native Gedaizu



Dr. Youhei Morita  *Chief Judge
Senior Manager for Academic Relations, Conference and Workshop Section, OIST

Prof.Christine Luscombe
Professor, pi-Conjugated Polymers Unit, OIST

Ms. Yukino Kinjo
Representative Director, Manaty Co.
Ms. Tomoe Ohshiro
Manager, Science and Technology Promotion Division, Okinawa Prefectural Government

Mr. Genichi Tokuhira

Promotion Chairman, Okinawa High School Science Education Research Council Principal, Okinawa prefectural KAIHO senior high and middle school


What is SCORE?!?


SCORE! is designed to promote senior high school students’ hands-on science education and interest in entrepreneurship, as well as to support English language education and the goal of becoming a global citizenship.

Join us at SCORE!

If you've ever wondered how the world works, you might be able to use your curiosity to solve a business or social problem. Develop your new research ideas at SCORE!

Share your passion for your research

Tell us in a clear, logical, and passionate way how you came up with your research topic and how you tested it. Be free with your ideas, thorough in your verification, and scientific in your approach.

Appeal to an international audience

Points will be awarded for presentations in English. If you wish, you can receive support in a preliminary online workshop (details to follow). Let's explore new scientific ideas together!

SCORE!2023 Poster

Schedule for the day of the SCORE!

Event Details

When: Saturday, December 16, 2023
Where: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University Auditorium
Who: All senior high school-aged students in Okinawa are eligible

Deadlines and Schedule

Sep 1 (Fri) Website application submission starts.
Oct 29 (Fri) Deadline for applications
Oct 20 (Fri) Applicants notified of their acceptance
Dec 1 (Fri) Applicants must submit presentation material (e.g., presentation slides) and abstracts online via the website
Dec 16 (Sat) SCORE! Main Event in the OIST Auditorium

Downloadable Materials


Supporters or Observers

This year, for the first time in four years, public viewing will resume. We look forward to welcoming many visitors! *Reservations are not required.




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