Thematic Programs

Group of visitors

We are excited to launch Thematic Activity as new part of the Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program (TSVP), with the first programs being held in 2023.

Thematic Programs (TPs) are held at OIST for 2 weeks to 3 months, starting in the second half of 2023. TPs will be hosted by a group of two or more researchers (coordinators) who will be invited to stay at OIST for the duration of the TP. Successful proposals will be provided with the financial and administrative support needed to bring participants to OIST, 4-8 of whom are expected to be present at any one time. Where it fits the goals and timeframe of the program, a symposium linked to the program can be hosted at OIST.

Thematic program to be held in 2023/2024 (tentative)

Name Field(s) Starting Date End Date Symposium
Exact Asymptotics: From Fluid Dynamics to Quantumgeometry Mathematics, Theoretical Physics 2023/08/01 2023/10/30 Nonlinear Differential Equations and the Stokes Phenomenon, 2023/09/4-15

Response Diversity and Ecosystem Stability (Samuel Ross and Owen Petchey)


2024/03/01 2024/03/29 Yes, 2024/03/26-28
Neuromodulation of Adaptive Learning: Theoretical Lessons Learned From Invertebrate and Vertebrate Brains (Srinkanth Ramaswamy, Arvind Kumar, Vatsala Thirumalai)


2024/08/30 for 2 days after OCNC 2024 (tentative)
Computational and Physical Understanding of Biological Information Processing (Tetsuya J. Kobayashi, Simon K. Schnyder, and Naoki Honda)

Evolutionary Biology


2024/11/01 (tentative) 2024/11/30 Yes, 4 days