Shionogi Collaboration Seminar


Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 14:30 to 16:00




This event is specific to OIST researchers and not open to participation from outside the graduate school.

Collaboration Promotion Seminar with Shionogi Pharmaceutical Company

Jan 17th, 14:30-16:00, B503

Shionogi pharmaceutical company will give a seminar in OIST. Shionogi is a major research-driven pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Osaka, Japan.  Many innovative therapies arising from Shionogi R&D have been delivered to patients around the globe, including Crestor™ and Doripenem. Since 2011, Shionogi and OIST are actively promoting comprehensive research collaboration (

We’re privileged to have presentations from Dr. Tsujishita, the Department Head of Discovery Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Research Division, and Dr. Sakata, the Head of Innovation Design Office in Global Development.  If you’re looking for collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, don’t miss this chance to talk with them face-to-face. 

Shionogi’s visitors will join OIST’s weekly tea time after the seminar. Along with your mug cups, you can bring your paper or copies of presentation slides to discuss your research with them.


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