Qubits and Spacetime unit seminar: Yasha Neiman, "A microscopic derivation of the quantum measurement postulates"


Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 14:00


Lab 4 E48 and Zoom


Next week, at 2pm JST on Wednesday 27th October in Lab 4 Seminar Room E48, we are lucky enough to have OIST's own Yasha Neiman giving the next Qubits and Spacetime unit seminar. He will tell us about:
Title: A microscopic derivation of the quantum measurement postulates
Abstract: There is a disconnect between the "quantum foundations" community and practicing quantum physicists. Since the foundations community is incapable of agreeing on anything, the outside world is left with the impression that they accomplished nothing. Fortunately, this impression is false. 
In this talk, I will package some ideas from the foundations community into a neat derivation of the Copenhagen measurement postulates from a simple & explicit microscopic model. 
Because of the disconnect mentioned above, practicing physicists tend to find this construction surprising and enlightening, while foundations people find it simultaneously false, trivial, misguided, naive, pointless and unoriginal. 

Come and find out which community you belong to!


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