Recorded Talks by Unit Members

Some recorded external talks (conference, workshop, seminar) by unit members:

  • Philipp Höhn, "Quantum frames, subsystems and gravity", 9 Nov 2023, gravity seminar @ KITP/UC Santa Barbara (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Rethinking observables and quantum reference frames", 22 Sep 2023, International Society for Quantum Gravity, outreach interview (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Quantum frames and subsystems", 13 Sep 2023, Extreme Universe -YITP Workshop on Holography, Gravity and Quantum Information, workshop @ YITP Kyoto (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Complementarity identities from an informational reconstruction", Aug 1 2023, The Quantum Reconstruction Program and Beyond, workshop @ U Graz (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Observables and dynamical frames in gravity", 11 July 2023, QG2023, conference @ U Nijmegen, (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Quantum frame covariance and subsystem relativity", May 24 2023, Quantum Information and Quantum Matter, workshop @ NYU Abu Dhabi (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Dynamical frames in gauge theory and gravity", 26 Sep 2022, Quantum extreme universe from quantum information, workshop @ YITP Kyoto (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Dynamical frames in gauge theory and gravity", 22 Sep 2022, QG seminar @ Perimeter Institute (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Dynamical frames in gravity: locality, covariance and charges", 1 July 2022, Gravity Seminar @ University of Vienna (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Progress in relational quantum dynamics", Nov 5 2021, Theory of Relativity Seminar, @ University of Warsaw (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Progress in relational quantum dynamics", Sep 1 2021, Time in Quantum Theory, workshop @ ETH Zürich (recording)
  • Philipp Höhn, "(Quantum) frame covariance: from foundations via gauge theories to gravity", June 16 2021, Quantizing Time, workshop @ Perimeter Institute (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "(Quantum) frame covariance in gauge systems and gravity", May 18 2021, Non-local Quantum Gravity Seminar, ENS Lyon (video)
  • Philipp Höhn, "Perspective-neutral approach to quantum frame covariance", Nov 17 & 30 2020, two-part seminar, Quantum Information Theory Group of ETH Zürich (video part 1video part 2).
  • Philipp Höhn, "Problem of time, relational observables and quantum covariance", Oct 7 2020, inaugural talk of the new international seminar series initiative Quantum Gravity Across Approaches (video).
  • Philipp Höhn, "Progress in relational quantum dynamics", Sep 15 2020, International LQG Seminar (video).