TSVP Talk: "Data Science for the EHT Blackhole Shadow Imaging" by Prof. Shiro Ikeda


2022年6月2日 (木) 16:00 17:00


L4E48, Zoom


Prof. Shiro Ikeda is visiting OIST from 2022/05/09 until 2022/07/31 through the "Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program" (TSVP). Find out more about the TSVP in this news article or the program website.
He will present his research in this seminar in an accessible manner. All students and researchers are welcome and encouraged to ask questions after the talk.

Title: Data science for the EHT blackhole shadow imaging

Abstract: In April 2019, the EHTC (Event Horizon Telescope collaboration) released the first image of the M87 black hole shadow and in May this year, the black hole shadow image of our Milky Way galaxy was released. The EHTC has more than 300 members from different backgrounds and countries. The EHT is a huge very long baseline interferometer (VLBI), which is different from optical telescopes in that a lot of computation is required to obtain a single image. Prof. Ikeda has been involved in the project as a data scientist and collaborated with EHTC members to develop a new imaging method. In this talk, he will explain how the new imaging technique has been developed and the final images were created.

Profile: Shiro Ikeda is a professor at the Institute of Statistical Mathematics. He has been working in the field of applied mathematics, which includes, but is not limited to, signal processing, information theory, information geometry, statistics, and astrostatistics.

Language: English, no interpretation.
Target audience: General audience / all students and researchers at OIST.
Freely accessible to all OIST members and guests without registration.

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