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The Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program makes regular open calls for Visiting Scholars (since 2021) and Thematic Programs (since 2022). Calls will be announced on this site, the OIST Webpage, and in Academic Job listings, including AJO, JREC-IN, and Math Jobs.

Calls for applications/proposals closed on September 30th.

At a Glance

  • Visiting Scholars (VS): Open to candidates pursuing independent research (at least senior postdoc level) in theoretical sciences, usually staying at OIST for 3 to 12 months. Poster

  • Thematic Programs (TP): Hosted by a group of two or more researchers (coordinators) who stay at OIST for 2 weeks to 3 months. Additional participants can be invited during the TP’s duration, 4-8 of whom are expected to be present at any one time. Where it fits the goals and timeframe of the program, a symposium linked to the program can be hosted at OIST. Poster

    All TSVP Visiting Scholars, coordinators, and program participants are expected to actively contribute to the theoretical sciences environment at OIST and its research output.
    Note: Previously accepted candidates may apply for another visit.

Expenses covered by OIST for participants in VS or TP

  • A round-trip airfare between the home institution and OIST
  • On-campus housing
  • Daily allowance (OIST per diem)
  • In exceptional situations, where an applicant (VS) or a coordinator (TP) does not receive any salary from grants or their institution at the time of their visit to OIST, successful candidates may be able to apply for support with salary, where this is necessary to facilitate the visit, and they can provide evidence of their need.
  • Office space
  • Access to OIST’s IT system, library, and research facilities
  • TP: Symposium/workshop expenses (where applicable)

Application documents

  • CV including a list of publications (in the case of TP: of all coordinators)
  • VS: Brief description of research to date, and proposed research during the visit to OIST, including the research units the applicant is interested in interacting with
  • TP: Proposal containing the theme of the program, its intellectual background, and the opportunity for progress in this area.
  • TP: A list of researchers who would be willing, in principle, to participate in the program, if funded. While the scope of the Thematic Program should be theoretical, a diverse base of participants is encouraged, which may include experimental scientists.
  • TP (where applicable): A title and abstract for a linked symposium of up to 60 participants

Submit Application (Visiting Scholars)
Submit Pre-Proposal (Thematic Programs)

Evaluation criteria

  1. Scientific quality
  2. Possible interactions with OIST Units
  3. Interdisciplinary nature of OIST
  4. Considerations of diversity