TSVP Accommodation

The Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program has dedicated, on-campus accommodation for visitors in "The Gardens", pictured above, and two additional family apartments near the so-called "Village Center". The apartments are similar to holiday homes, some bedding and towels, kitchen goods, washing machine, refrigerator and other essentials are provided but usually no cleaning services.

More information about the rooms, Check-In/Check-Out procedures, garbage disposal, and other important information can be found below.

Room Layouts

All Visiting Scholars will be provided with fully furnished housing. The program has shared rooms (S2B), 2-bedroom (2LDK), and 3-bedroom apartments (3LDK). The shared rooms are intended for two visitors with independent (locked) bedrooms and bathrooms, but a shared kitchen / dining area. Since most of our rooms are shared, you might share the kitchen/dining area with one other visiting researcher.

S2B (shared 2bedrooms)



The above layouts are of some of the actual TSVP apartments, but depending on your assigned room it may very slightly (mirrored layout, larger beds, etc.)


Please receive the room key as instructed directly from us or via key box (evening arrival).
In the case of the Key box. Please refer to "How to get your room Key (PDF)".
The family apartments all have smartlocks, so you can enter at any time with the PIN we send you before arrival.

[ Room location ]  Whole OIST Map     The Gardens map     Village Apartments map

OIST Campus Map


The Gardens Map

Village Apartments Map

*Please take off your shoes at the room entrance.*

After you have checked in,

  1. Watch the "Garbage rules" on YouTube.

  2. Please complete and (digitally) sign the Furniture check and read the Accommodation Rules document. They are also included in your Welcome Package (file 07 - see below).

    IMPORTANT: If there is any damage in the room or the furniture, please note it on the check sheet and inform the TSVP team immediately. If you cause some damage during your stay, please let us know.
  3. Within 3 days, please email the signed documents to tsvp@oist.jp (or deliver to the FAO in person).

  4. There are often questions regarding hot water: please switch it on from the panel in the kitchen. We recommend setting it to around 40-42°C.



Okinawa generally has very high humidity, especially during rainy season in May/June (89%) and typhoon season in August/September (82%). Please use the air conditioner in "dry/dehumidification" mode constantly to avoid the development of mold. On days with lower humidity and no rain, please ventilate the rooms. Mold grows best in dark areas, so allowing natural light into the apartment can also help to prevent mold from growing.

If you see mold developing clean it away immediately with an alcohol-dampened cloth or anti-mold products. Recently, we often saw black mold on the back of the bookshelves, the bottom of the desk, and inside the desk drawers, as well as some hard-to-see white mold on the ceilings. Mold can even develop in newly constructed buildings, like "The Gardens", and despite the air conditioner being on 24:7.

Rainy Season (April-June) and approaching Typhoon:

  1. Close the ventilation inlets on the walls (Even if it says “always open,” please close it during rainy or humid times.)
  2. Use the air conditioners constantly. (Do not set the air conditioner temperature too low to avoid condensation. Recommended Setting in Spring/Summer: Cool Mode 26C, Automatic Wind Strength, "Swing". Recommended in colder months: Dehumidification Mode at 26C)
  3. Please use the provided dehumidifiers and empty the water tank when necessary
  4. If you find moisture/mold, please clean it immediately. If it is severe, please contact tsvp@oist.jp.

Summer Season (July-October):

  1. Open the ventilation inlets on the walls
  2. Please use the provided dehumidifiers and empty the water tank when necessary
  3. Do not overcool the room with air conditioner to avoid condensation (keep the room temperature at 25°C to 26°C)

From November to March:

  1. Turn off the air conditioner
  2. Turn on the bathroom exhaust fan
  3. Open the ventilation inlets on the walls
  4. Continue to check for mold even in less humid times



  1. [14 days before]
    If you accidentally broke something in the apartment please let us know at this point, otherwise you will have to do an international money transfer which would incur additional costs.
  2. [3 working days before]
    You do not have to pack all of your belongings, but please prepare to leave at this stage.
  3. [Move-out day]
    Pack all your belongings and make sure nothing is left behind. Please take out the trash (to the designated space).
    If at all possible, please wash and dry the kitchen towels, bathroom towels, and bath mat (these are provided as a courtesy, so we ask for your cooperation).
  4. Turn on the air conditioner in all rooms (see recommended settings above).
    Please keep it on. You do not have to turn it off.
  5. Lock the front door and return the key to the red post box in the Gardens Office.
    If you have the desk cabinet key, please make sure to return it as well.

    Additionally, if you have a parking permit, please return to the Gardens Office (not in the post).
  6. After you have moved out, we will visit and check the room condition.

    Where to return the key (only for apartments at the Gardens)

What is provided in the room?

  • Furniture list
  • Kitchen equipment: Stove with grill, Microwave with oven function, refrigerator
  • Basic kitchen utensils such as cutlery, plates, pots, pans, knifes, etc.
  • Vacuum cleaner, emergency flash light, hair dryer
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • As a courtesy, TSVP provides a few amenities for the initial few days of your stay. A small amount of garbage bags, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and towels are in the room.


Accommodation Rules

  • No shoes
  • No smoking
  • No fire
  • No pets
  • No bicycle in the room
  • Do not damage the room
  • Do not move furniture
  • Keep the room clean



There are mailboxes located at the main entrance of each building (e.g. at the Gardens office). You can have mail and packages delivered there. For that purpose use the below listed address including your name and room number.
Before getting mail delivered please fill out the Resident Confirmation Form from the Post Office, which you will get it in your mailbox. Please read the above-linked PDF or ask the Gardens/Village Office for help.


There is also a common BBQ area at the Gardens. Recently a faucet and hose were installed to wash the BBQ and other outside gear like bicycles. To use the BBQ area please see the explanation from the Gardens office here.


Other information

  • OIST Shuttle bus
    For the details, please visit HERE (OIST members only).
  • Address
    OIST,  The Gardens (+Room number)
    1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan 904-0497

    〒904-0497 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字谷茶1919番地1
    OIST ザ・ガーデンズ (+部屋番号)

    Note: Some apartments are near the so-called Village Center at OIST, not at the Gardens. Regarding the zip code: 904-0497 for the Gardens and 904-0495 for the main campus are OIST's own post codes and sometimes not accepted as input on websites. In that case try using 904-0412, which is the post code of the area right next to OIST.
  • Parking
    If you'd like to use a parking space, please submit a Parking Application.
    FYI: On-campus Parking Maps (OIST members only)


  • Help for apartment related issues

Gardens Office

Hours: 9:00-18:00 Monday through Friday.  
9:00-17:00 Saturday, Sunday and national holidays


Gardens Office (new 2023-11)

Village Office
(in case you do not live at the Gardens):
Hours: 9:00-18:00 Monday through Friday.  
9:00-17:00 Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
Contact: 080-6342-6500

Emergency Contact

OIST helpline 098-966-8989 (Emergency case only)


Welcome Package

Shortly before your arrival we will send you our "welcome package" via email. It contains campus maps, shuttle bus schedules, and other useful information. You can also download the files here.