TSVP Visiting Scholars

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The TSVP was launched in June 2021, with the goal of bringing leading theoretical researchers to OIST for extended visits. The first part of the TSVP was the Visiting Scholars program. Visiting Scholars are individual visitors, usually staying at OIST from 3 to 12 months. Information on the application process can be found here. Calls are usually held once per year and start in summer.

Domestic Visitors are individual visitors, working in Japan at the time of the proposed visit. Their visits to OIST are usually between 2 weeks and 3 months and may be split into several shorter visits. The application process is slightly shorter, more information can be found here. Calls are made throughout the year, with each deadline three months before the proposed start of the visit.

Both Domestic Visitors and Visiting Scholars carry out independent research at OIST, and interact with serveral OIST Research Units during their stay. No teaching duties come with the position. However, visitors are expected to give a general-audience "TSVP Talk" about their field of research within the first month of their visit (recordings of past talks can be found on the Past Events page and are linked below).

All current and upcoming visitors can be found on this list, while past visitors can be found here.