TSVP Talk: "A Generative Model of Communication in the Brain" by Prof. Dana Ballard


2022年7月21日 (木) 16:00 17:10


L4E48, Zoom


Prof. Dana Ballard is visiting OIST from 2022/06/22 until 2022/08/19 through the "Theoretical Sciences Visiting Program" (TSVP). Find out more about the TSVP in this news article or the program website.
He will present his research in this seminar in an accessible way intended for a general audience. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to ask questions after the talk. Guests from outside OIST can join via Zoom.

Title: A Generative Model of Communication in the Brain

Abstract: Owing to its slow communication rates, billon times slower than silicon, the brain stores its entire dynamics in a massive memory in its largest subsystem, the cortex, which can be read out when needed. The read-out dynamics between its very large networks uses voltage spikes. The code used by spikes is not known, but experimenters have been usably able to model behaviors with mean field solutions. Our group has been developing on alternate code based on a novel interpretation of gamma, the brain’s highest voltage frequency. Amongst its significant advantages, the code also suggests how the brain multiplexes, that is has more than one network computation active at the same time, which is an essential property but up to now has had no viable solution.                   
Profile: Dana Ballard is a professor of Computer Science. His focus is on reverse engineering the brain where models of the brain are motivated by the technical problems the Brain’s circuits solve. These modules combine data from Neuroscience and Psychology as well Computer Science.

Language: English, no interpretation.

Target audience: General audience / everyone at OIST and beyond.
Freely accessible to all OIST members and guests without registration.


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