Proof-of-Concept Program

The Proof of Concept Program is a competitive, unique and world-leading support framework for OIST researchers. Its aim is to provide them with the funding, global expertise networks and professional development necessary to bridge the technical and funding gap between lab discoveries and societal impact.

OIST is a world-class basic science research institute first and foremost, and the POC program is tailor-made to accommodate this unique environment at OIST. We welcome applications to the program from any researcher with a technology, or an idea for a technology, as long as they are committed to creating impact in Okinawa or globally.

So far we have funded over 30 projects. The projects are as diverse as OIST, and they range from early stage applied research, through early prototypes, to pre-commercialization projects aimed at spinning out into start-up companies or licensing out to industry. Below, you can see some of the feedback we have received from alumni of the POC program.

Enquiries about the program and upcoming deadlines are welcome at any time. Please get in touch with the Felix Rehnberg at for more information about the program. We welcome any and all questions!

Felix Rehnberg, primary contact for all POC program enquiries

Feedback from OIST Researchers

"There is a gap between lab findings and commercial products. The POC introduced us to our mentor who is an expert in bridging that gap. OIST POC provides us with lots of support, from financial to giving us the time we need to get results."
"OIST has an amazing team of experts dealing with technology transfer."


Contact details and further information

Please contact R&D Cluster Programs Section for general inquiries:

  • For program information, please contact: Felix Rehnberg,  (Ext. #28834)
  • For admin matters (for ongoing projects), please contact: Kanayo Noda, (Ext. #23493)

Additional Information: