Marine genomics seminar #39: “Once we were worms: The origin of gills, skeletal ossicles & tubes in the deuterostomes” by Dr. Christopher B. Cameron


2022年11月21日 (月) 16:00 17:00




Christopher Cameron is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Montreal.



Sackville, M.A., Cameron, C.B., Gillis, J.A., Brauner, C.J. 2022. Ion regulation at gills precedes gas exchange and the origin of vertebrates. Nature, s41586-022-05331-7

Larouche-Bilodeau, C., Cameron, C.B. 2022. Acorn worm ossicle ultrastructure and composition and the origin of the echinoderm skeleton. Royal Society Open Science, 10.1098/rsos.220773

Nanglu, K., Caron, J.-B., Cameron, C.B. 2020. Cambrian tentaculate worms and the origin of the hemichordate body plan. Current Biology, doi.10.1016/j.cub.2020.07.078 


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