Past Events

[Seminar] "Microbe-Machine cybernetic coupling: A feedback loop for ethology and proto intelligences study " by Charles Fosseprez

2023年10月12日 (木) 11:00

Profile: Deep into the micro-world, I've been captivated by the complexity of microbial communities. My scientific journey is rooted in the exploration of collective evolution within living systems. Biochemistry, Microbiology and Cybernetics are my focal points, and I'm eager to share the marvels of this field with a broader audience. My approach is decidedly interdisciplinary, with a global footprint spanning diverse subjects. From unraveling the geometric symphony of embryo organization to delving into the fabrication of nanorobots for information processing, my pursuits have been wide-ranging. I've navigated through startups and ventured into the realm of art, guided by a persistent curiosity about constraints and compartments in biological systems. Philosophical contemplation is woven into my scientific exploration, yet I maintain a practical mindset as I am an Engineer with an eye on real-world applications.

TSVP Seminar: "Analytic continuation-an introduction" by Sam Crew

2023年10月10日 (火) 14:00

Sam is interested in geometrical aspects of quantum field theory, resurgence and quantum information theory. He is currently at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy and Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany. He completed his PhD in 2021 at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Nick Dorey and previously worked at the University of Bath.

Security of Discrete-Modulated Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution

2023年10月10日 (火) 13:30 14:30
Center Building B503

Speaker: Dr. Stefan Baeuml, Institute of Photonic Sciences

EVSP Talk: "Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates: our experience with an alternative model organism" by Daniel Chourrout

2023年10月5日 (木) 14:30 15:45
B250 (Center), Zoom

Our knowledge of modern biology is based on the study of just a handful of species, which, due to technological investments that have been made, have become increasingly unavoidable. Neglecting, sometimes forgetting, almost all other life forms has been a consequence of this. The problem seems insoluble, but new scientific disciplines fortunately required moving beyond classic laboratory species. One of them is evo-devo, a fairly recent combination of two traditional disciplines, evolutionary biology and developmental biology. Questions on the evolution of animal development led several of us to choose Oikopleura dioica, a species little known to the general public but of considerable importance in marine ecosystems. The first results were a little shocking, but that was not the end of our surprises…

TSVP Seminar: "An overview of Transseries" by Ines Aniceto

2023年10月3日 (火) 14:00

Discussion seminar, 2pm in L5EF06

TSVP Seminar: "Donaldson-Thomas theory for quivers with potential" by Nick Williams

2023年9月28日 (木) 14:00

Discussion seminar, 2pm in L5EF06

Career Talk: "How to write a lot and well" by Shinichi Nakagawa

2023年9月27日 (水) 10:00
C700, Lab 3

My research group has consistently published ~20 papers per year for 15 years, and most of these papers were published in the top 25% of journals (CiteScores) with an average citation of > 100. How did we manage to do this? There are several reasons. In this interactive talk session, I will share one core secret: how to write a lot and well. If you can do it, you are invincible in academia or elsewhere. But how do you do this? You should consider writing a review to transform you into an amazing writer.

TSVP Seminar: "The BPS Riemann-Hilbert problem" by Omar Kidwai

2023年9月26日 (火) 14:00

Discussion seminar, 2pm in L5EF06

Career Talk: "Systematic Reviews for Beginners" by Malgorzata Lagisz

2023年9月26日 (火) 10:00
C700, Lab 3

This interactive workshop is intended for those starting or considering a systematic review-like project. I will provide a quick overview of the systematic review process. The focus will be on the most common traps you may encounter and ways to avoid them. The interactive presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. For example, you may want to ask: "What are the types of reviews and what are they good for?", "What is a great topic for a systematic-like review?", "How long will it take?" etc.

TSVP Talk: "Waves and Resonance: From Musical Instruments to Invisibility Cloaks" by Jon Chapman

2023年9月13日 (水) 15:00
B250 (Center), Zoom

Language: English (no interpretation). Target audience: General audience / everyone at OIST and beyond. Freely accessible to all OIST members and guests without registration (also via Zoom).