FY2018 Visitors

March 18- 22
Dr. Max Hirschberger - RIKEN, Center for Emergent Matter Science, Japan

Seminar : Thermal Hall effect from neutral currents in quantum magnets

February 26- March 22
Prof. Karlo Penc - Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary

Seminar : Topological magnons in Kitaev magnets at high fields

January 21-25
Dr. Manuel Valiente - Institute for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Seminar : Exact edge, bulk and bound states of finite topological systems

January 21-24
Prof. Hikaru Kawamura - Osaka University, Japan

Seminar : Randomness induced quantum spin liquids in frustrated magnets

January 15-16
Dr. Takanori Sugimoto - Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Seminar : Cluster-Based Haldane States in Spin-Cluster Chains

October 9 - 12
Dr. Ludovic Jaubert - CNRS Researcher at LOMA, University of Bordeaux, France

October 11 - 12
Prof. Keisuke Totsuka - Kyoto University, Japan

Seminar : Emergence of topological gauge theories from coupled arrays of wires - coupled-wire construction demystified

October 9 - 11
Prof. Masafumi Udagawa - Gakushuin University, Japan

Seminar : Trapping Visons in Kitaev’s spin liquid

September 26 - 27
Prof. Toshiya Hikihara - Gunma University, Japan

Seminar : Spin-nematic state in two-dimensional frustrated spin systems consisting of ferromagnetic dimers

September 25 - 28
Dr. Takahiro Misawa - ISSP-CCMS, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Seminar : Applications of quantum lattice model solver HΦ to frustrated magnets

September 13 - 15
Prof. SungBin Lee - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Seminar : Nonsymmorphic crystal and topological phases of matters

August 23 - 31
Assistant Prof. Yutaka Akagi - The University of Tokyo, Japan

Seminar : Topological Invariant for Magnon Hall Systems with Disorder

July 30 - 31
Prof. Shuichi Murakami - Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Seminar : Topology and transport in inversion asymmetric crystals

July 2 - 4, Ocrober 28 - 29
Prof. Robert Joynt - University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Seminar : Discrete Scale Invariance in Topological Semimetals

June 11 -15
Mr. Willian Natori - PhD Student, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Seminar : j=3/2 Quantum Spin-Orbital Liquids

June 11 -15
Dr. Atsuo Shitade - Special PostDoctoral Researcher, RIKEN, Japan

Seminar : Theory of Thermal Hall Effect

June 4 -8
Dr. Romain Sibille - Instrument scientist, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Seminar : Experimental signatures of quantumness in rare-earth pyrochlores

April 18 -23
Prof. Paul Wiegmann -The University of Chicago, USA

Seminar : Geometric transport in Quantum Hall Effect

April 13 -18
Prof. Masaki Oshikawa - ISSP, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Lecture series : Field-theory approach to quantum many-body systems

March 26 - April 28
Prof. Karlo Penc - Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary

Seminar : The ground states of two-dimensional SU(N) Heisenberg models

March 26 - April 12
Mr. Peter Balla - PhD Student, Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary