FY2019 Visitors

March 10-11
Prof. Yasutomi Tatetsu - Meio University, Japan

Seminar : First-principles study for material science

February 18-21
Mr. Jonas Sonnenschein - Freie University of Berlin, Germany

Seminar :Quantum spin liquid candidate Ca10Cr7O28 – A spinon description

February 10
Prof. Ludovic Jaubert - CNRS Researcher at LOMA, University of Bordeaux, France

January 21-24
Dr. Ryui Kaneko - ISSP, University of Tokyo, Japan

Seminar :Magnetic Field Induced Competing Phases in Kitaev Magnets

April 22-26
Dr. Rico Pohle - Waseda University, Japan

Seminar :Numerical simulations of spin-1 magnets

April 22-24
Dr. Youhei Yamaji - University of Tokyo, Japan

Seminar :Finite-temperature spectra of spin-orbit coupled Mott insulators

April 16-19
Mr. Nobuyuki Yoshioka - University of Tokyo, Japan

Seminar :Representation of Quantum Many-body System by Neural Networks