What Makes a Great Entrepreneur - Dr. Serg Bell


Monday, April 10, 2023 - 16:00 to 17:00


Center Building C209


What Makes A Great Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are not born. They're made. Are there key qualities that define a great entrepreneur?

Join Constructor group Founder and Chairman, Dr. Serg Bell, for an exciting peek into his 30+ year journey in computer science, cybersecurity, startups, investments, and education.

Monday 10 April 2023  |  16:00-17:00  | Center Building Room C209

In addition to Constructor group, Dr. Bell has founded more than 20 global IT companies, venture capital firms, and educational institutions, including Acronis, Parallels, Virtuozzo, Acumatica, Webpros, Runa Capital, and Terra VC. He is also involved in developing a number of science and quantum tech projects, including QuEra, ID Quantique, IonQ, Pasqal, and PanOpto.

Sleceted companies founded by Dr. Bell:

  • Acronis: a global leader in cyber protection
  • Parallels: a global leader in virtualization and automation software
  • Acumatica: a Cloud ERP company
  • Runa Capital: a global technology-focused venture capital firm

His most recent endeavor is the Constructor group, an international research-led institution driven by the purpose of tackling the main problems of the world through science, education, and cutting edge technology. Dr. Bell holds a BS in Physics, and MS (Hons) in Physics and Electrical Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Science. He has filed over 350 patents (USPTO) and has an H-Index of 45.

 In-person event. Open to all. No registration required.

This event is sponsored by OIST Innovation and is set up to build a community where we can learn, share new ideas, innovations, and concepts that will motivate and guide us to develop technology to solve real world problems. Join in, share, and ask questions.


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