Okinawa Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit 2018


Friday, March 2, 2018 - 09:00 to 17:00




Japan needs more entrepreneurs and innovative startups. One way we can encourage this is by putting the right tools and resources into the hands of tomorrow’s innovators, and then getting out of their way.

The “Okinawa Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit 2018” is a public symposium that focuses on how innovation and entrepreneurship can meet today’s global needs, while helping to invent the future for Japan.

Part motivational event, part “how-to” guide, the Summit will bring together global innovators with the people who invest in them(venture capital) and the people who covet them (government).

  • Experienced entrepreneurs will talk about how they got started and what happened as their companies grew
  • Venture capital will discuss their technology needs and the market pull
  • Policymakers will discuss the tactics they are using to recruit the world’s best innovators to start up in their region

The Summit aims to inspire, cultivate, and accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation among students, researchers, engineers, inventors, policymakers, and business people.


SESSION 1: Keynote Perspectives on Developing Innovation Ecosystem in United Kingdom, Chile and Japan
SESSION 2: Panel Discussion on Promoting Regional Innovation Ecosystems
SESSION 3: From Curiosity-Driven Research to Commercialization for Regional Development
SESSION 4: Spotlight on Entrepreneurs and Startups

Japanese and English simultaneous translation provided throughout the event. University members who want to increase their innovation output, representatives of the emerging ecosystem of investors and partners of universities, and government representatives focused on fostering innovation are encouraged to attend.

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