OIST Innovators Society - Workshop 1 - ‘When and Why to Incorporate a Company’


Thursday, February 3, 2022 - 16:00 to 17:00


Venue: B503 (center building) + zoom


Hello everyone!

We hope you are having a wonderful 2022 so far! To kick start our new year, the Innovators Society is gathering with a 2-part workshop series, with speaker Mr. Eli Lyons, Co-founder/CEO of GenomeMiner, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at OIST.

The focus of these workshops is to shed light on the practical considerations that are typically helpful while incorporating and running a company, both in Japan and the USA.


Workshop 1- ‘When and Why to Incorporate a Company’

In this session, we will learn and discuss about some of the considerations to be made, and the processes involved when starting a company.

Date: Thursday, 3rd February

Venue: B503 (center building) + zoom (Meeting ID: 870 767 4877, Passcode: 895273)


These workshops are open to all OIST members and are meant to be helpful to people who are considering to start a company, and/or interested in working in industry in the future.

We have booked a large meeting room to ensure safe social distancing, but we are also conducting the sessions via zoom. Please join us via zoom or in-person if you are interested in learning about either or both sessions!

Contact Andrea or Shivani if you have any questions.

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