My Entrepreneurship Journey-Eli Lyons, CEO of Genome Miner


Friday, November 12, 2021 - 16:00 to 17:00


Lab 3 C700


Open to the first 30 participants

Innovation Seminar: "My Entrepreneurship Journey" by Eli Lyons, CEO of Genome Miner and OIST Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Eli Lyons will regale us with stories of his roller-coaster ride from a graduate student at the University of Tokyo to Co-founder of 2 startup companies in Japan and what he learned from this experience. Eli will also tell us his plan for future skill-sharing seminars (e.g., financial planning) for aspiring entrepreneurs and learn what OIST members would like to work on. Eli welcomes interaction for the session, and there will be time for a discussion along with pizza. Open to the first 30 participants.

About Eli Lyons

Eli Lyons is Co-founder and CEO of GenomeMiner. Originally from California, Eli moved to Japan for PhD studies in the Department of Computational Biology and Medical Science at the University of Tokyo. His research included analyzing data from high-throughput mutagenic screens, wet-lab work in retinal development, and transcriptome analysis. While enrolled in his PhD he joined a Japanese startup and designed detailed protocols for applying Next-Generation Sequencing to phage display screens and performed business development. Eli is also a Co-founder and Advisor to Bisu, which recently raised seed venture funding. Eli has an MSc in Computer Engineering and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Sponsored by the Technology Development & Innovation Center at OIST. Questions? Email:


"My Entrepreneurship Journey" is an official activity of Global Entrepreneurship Week, an international movement to empower entrepreneurs and help make it possible for anyone, anywhere to start and scale.



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