Innovation Seminar: Investors View on Pharma and Biotech by Dr. Hans Küpper


Friday, June 29, 2018 - 11:00 to 12:00


OIST Seminar Room - C209


7th Innovation Seminar Series
Organized by the Technology Development and Innovation Center

Hans Küpper, PhD
Senior Venture Capital and Life Science Professional 

“Investors View on Pharma and Biotech: A Personal Review”

A review of the current biotech market and its history. Overview of the key players involved: Academia, Biotech, Pharma and Venture Capital.

Dr. Küpper is author and co-author of 50 scientific publications and 13 patents/applications. He served as consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, the EU Commission (Biotech Programs), Scientific Institutions (Leibniz Society) and the German Government (vaccine initiative, Cologne Paper) and as an expert for several business plan competitions.

-18 years of experience as Partner of a Venture Capital Firm (1999-2017)
--Life Science focus; geography: Europe and US
--Fund-structuring, Fundraising (GLSV II - €142m)
--Due diligence, Investments and Divestments (IPO, M&A)
--Past and current board representative in 15 companies, including chairman
--Successful exits through IPO or M&A
--Liquidation of Funds

-19 years of Healthcare Industry/Biotech experience (1980-1999)
--14 years at Behringwerke/Hoechst at upper management positions
---Head of Business Development/Technology Transfer
---Head of R&D Immunology/Oncology Business Unit
---Head of Dept. of Molecular Biology, build up Dept.
---involved in R&D of vaccines, cancer drugs and immune modulation
---Negotiation of major contracts; spin-off / sale of the vaccine unit and the diagnostics unit   
--- Author of strategy papers for the company
--5 years at Biogen, Geneva ( Ass. Research Director), upper management     

-10 years of Academic experience (1970-1980)
--Junior Professor at Univ. of Heidelberg (Assistent)
--Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, Cambridge (Prof. Khorana, Nobel Laureate)
--PhD in Molecular Genetics (Heidelberg, magna cum laude)
--Diploma in Chemistry (Heidelberg)


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